Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Testo 610 Pocket Sized Air Humidity Measuring Instrument

Brand : Testo
Model : 610

Testo 610 measures air humidity and temperature.
Our patented humidity sensor guarantees the most reliable accuracte results and
the calibration certificate included in the package confirms the sensor's accuracy to ±2.5% rH.
The 610 is capable of both dewpoint and wet bulb calculations and features a convenient hold function and max./min. value display.
Testo 610; humidity and temperature meter incl. protective cap, batteries and calibration certificate

Key Features
Long-term stable Testo humidity sensor, +/-2.5 %RH accuracy
Dewpoint calculation and wet bulb included, Protective cap for safe storage

Specifications :
Temperature - NTC
Measuring range : 14° to 122 °F / -10 to +50 °C
Accuracy : ±0.9 °F / ±0.5 °C
Resolution : 0.1 °F / 0.1 °C
Humidity : Capacitive
Measuring range : 0 to 100 %rH
Accuracy : ±2.5 %rH (5 to 95 %rH)
Resolution :0.1 %rH

Type : 2 batteries type micro AAA 1.5 V (LR03)

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Testo 830-T1 Infrared Gun

Brand : Testo
Model : 830-T1

Description :
The testo 830-T1 infrared temperature gun allows efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements to be carried out. The infrared temperature thermometer will leave you well equipped, especially for control readings in trade and industry: The gun-style design is easy to handle and the integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.
The testo 830-T1 infrared temperature gun with laser measurement spot marker and 10:1 optics is suitable for non-contact surface temperature measurements in trade and industry.

Benefits :
Infrared temperature thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurements
10:1 optics and high resolution processor for accurate measurement results
Easy to use thanks to the gun-style design
Adjustable emission level

The speed of the testo 830-T1 infrared temperature thermometer is impressive: it can take two measurements per second that helps you undertake bigger measuring tasks quickly and efficiently.
Two alarm limit values that can be defined as required
Visual and acoustic alarm if limit value exceeded 

Min./max. value display and hold function (to record a measured value)
Convenient one-handed operation thanks to the ergonomic gun-style design
Clear, illuminated digital display

Fast Response IR Thermometer
Temperature Range : -30*C to 400*C     
Accurate : (+/-1.5*C), Adjustable Emisivity : 0.2 to 1.0
Superior Distance to spot ratio (10 : 1)
Adjustable Alarm Limits, With Calibration Protocol
Warranty : 2 Years for manufacturing defects only.

Applications : HVAC, Thermal Insulation, Rubber (Type) Industry, Plastic Industry, Railways, Pharmaceutical Industries, Generators & Diesel Engines, Food Processing and many more.....

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Kusum Meco Digital Tachometer KM 2241

Brand : Kusum Meco
Model : KM 2241

Digital Tachometer - Non Contact / Contact / Non-contact & Contact
Digital Tachometer uses latest technology for accurate measurements. It has Exclusive one chip of Microcomputer LSI Circuit, It is housed in tough ABS case & has ergonomic design for easy holding in the hand.

Specifications :
Range Select : Auto -Ranging. 
Memory : Last value, Max.Value, Min.value. 
Power Consumption : Approx 55mA. 
Time Base : 6 MHz Quartz crystal. 
Measuring range : PHOTO TACH CONTACT TACH SURFACE SPEED(m/min) 0.05 TO 1,999.9 (m/ min). 
Resolution : PHOTO TACH 0.1 RPM (2.5 to 999.9 RPM) 1 RPM (over 1000 RPM) CONTACT TACH 0.1 RPM(0.5 to 999.9 RPM) 1RPM (over 1000RPM) SURFACE SPEED(m/min) 0.01 m/min (0.05 to 99.99 m/min) 0.1 m/min (over 100 m/min)

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West PID Controller P4100+

Brand : West
Model : P4100+

If a system requires a single control loop or discrete devices then a single loop controller can be used to control a thermal or process machine. These instruments can range from the very basic - single, manual, setpoint changes, through to sophisticated profilers which have the capability to execute multiple setpoint changes over a specified period of time.
Single loop controllers are typically front-of-panel products. These controllers provide a clear display on the front of the controller. The machine operator or engineer (end user) can use this display to set up the controller in situ and make subsequent program changes.

Features :
Jumperless Configuration
Auto Detected Hardware
Auto or Manual Tuning
Heat/Cool Operation Option
Process & Loop Alarms Options
Ramping setpoint
Modbus & ASCII Comms Options
Dual Setpoint Selection Options
Two process alarms Options
Configuration via PC Option
Replaceable Output & Option Modules
Remote Setpoint Option
Control Type: PID, ON/OFF, Manual, Alarm, Ramp to Setpoint (Selectable)
Panel Sealing : IP66
Certifications : CE, UL, ULC, CSA
Software Tools : Plus Series Configurator (Selectable)

Specifications :
Input : Universal (TC, RTD, DC linear mA/mV), Digital, Remote setpoint (Selectable)
Relay : Relay, SSD, DC linear V or mA, Triac, 24V transmitter power supply (Selectable)
Communications : RS-485 serial (West ASCII or MODBUS®) (Selectable)
Input Voltage : 100–240V AC 50–60Hz, 20-48V AC 50/60 Hz (Selectable), 22-65V DC (Selectable)

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CG Heavy Duty Exhaust Fan 450mm 1 Phase

Brand : CG
Model : HDEF 450MM 1PH

This is a Crompton Greaves branded Heavy Duty Exhaust Fans used as Electrical Accessories. It is Totally enclosed with highly efficient heavy duty motor with pressure die cast aluminium rotor mounted on two ball bearings, conforming to ISI 2312 -1967 standards.

Totally enclosed heavy duty motor,
with die cast alumimium rotor mounted on 2 ball bearings.
300, 380, 450, 600mm sizes available 

Specifications :
Phase : Single Phase
Speed : 1400 RPM
Air delivery ( : 6100
Polarity : 4 Pole
Power Input : 410 watts

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Tuesday, 30 August 2016

ALTOP Digital Manometer 5300

Brand : ALTOP
Model : 5300 

Display : 5 Full digits 15 mm high Customised LCD
Range : Various Pr. Ranges available As low as +/- 100 mmwc to -1 to 2 bar
Process Connection : Nozzle suitable for 6 x 4 & 4 x 2 mm PU tube.
Pressure media : Dry Air Only
Accuracy : + 0.1% of FS.
Power supply : 7.5 VDC (1.5 V X 5 Alkaline) Recommended DURACELL type MN1500-LR6
Battery life : 600 hrs continuous
Min / Max. : Provided
Field Calibration : Possible. Password Protected

Enclosure : Aluminium Powder Coated 

Accessories : 'ALTOP’ NABL Accredited Lab. Calibration Certificate, Instruction Manual

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Monday, 29 August 2016

AST Pressure Transmitter AST 4100

Brand : AST
Model : AST 4100

American Sensor Technologies, presents the AST4100 as a compact, price-competitive stainless steel pressure sensor. Compatible with a wide range of liquids and gases
over pressure ranges up to 10,000 PSI, the AST4100 covers a diversified variety of applications. AST4100 sensors are available with outputs of 10mV/V, as well as
high level outputs that utilize AST’s proprietary Krystal Bond™ Technology.
Benefits ƒ
High Strength Stainless Steel Construction, No Oil, Welds or Internal O-rings, Wide Operating Temperature Range ƒ (Ranges up to 10,000 PSI) ƒ
Low Static and Thermal Errors, ƒ Price / Performance Deliver Value, ƒ Compatible with Wide Range of Liquids and Gases, ƒ UL/cUL 508 Approved

Applications : ƒTest Equipment, ƒ Control Panels, ƒ Hydraulic Systems, ƒ Data Loggers, ƒ HVAC/R Equipment, ƒ Pneumatics, ƒ Hydrogen Storage (316L SS)

Connection Type : 1/4'' BSP Male
Output : 4-20 mA
Input Voltage : 24V DC
Operating Temperature : -40 to 85 Deg C
Accuracy : 0.5% BFSL

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ALTOP Universal Calibrator APC-1000

Brand : Altop
Model : APC-1000

Hand held, Battery operated, Portable Source and Sink for mV, mA and RTD.
PT-100 reading directly in terms of temperature.
Test facility to confirm DPM and stabilized circuit.
Typical Accuracy 0.1% FS

Specifications :
Power supply : Two Batteries of 9V, size PP3, Make Everedy or equivalent
Indication : 4 ½ digitLCD display with 'Battery Low', Over-Range and Polarity Indication.
Operating Temperature : 0 to 50 Deg.C
Humidity : Max 90% Rh non condensing
Storage Temperature : 0 to 70 Deg C.
Battery Life : 6 Hours in case of continuous operation for full Current output.
30 Hours in case of continuos operation for mV/RTD output.
Size : 170(H) 90(W) * 45(D)
Weight : 500 gms.

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Photonics 220V AC LED Flood Light 10W FL10

Brand : Photonics
Model : FL10

Description :
With the background technology of solar and LEDs, PHOTONICS derives its strengths from the followingtechnological aspects:Thermal management of LEDs: Although LEDs (power LEDs) have a stated life of 60,000 hours. If the heat dissipation is not well managed, it drastically reduces the life. hence thermal management of LEDs is an area where PHOTONICS has focused to make the product much more reliable and differentiated. We choose the right size, area , orientation and material for heat sinks, as well as design the fixture to ensure proper heat dissipationand consequently high durability of the system.LED Driver/ controller: Many times solar/LED systems fail, not because of faults in solar panel of LEDs, but because of faults in the driver.

Number of LED                       : 27
Power Consumption               : 10W
Maximum Lumens                   : 1130 Lm
Weight / LED Beam Angle       : 0.45KG /120°
LED luminous Efficiency          : 113Lm per watt
LED working voltage               : 3.25V
Maximum Power Consumption : 120mA
Dimension                             :115x85x80 

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Selec Process Indicator PIC101

Brand : Selec
Model : PIC101

The Selec PIC101-A-T-230 Process Indicators/ Multifunction indicator suitable for process values indications and alarms in operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. The controllers operate from a range of thermocouple or 2/3 wire PT100 (RTD) input sensors. Selectable temperature unit: °C / °F. Versions are available with relay and analogue outputs which can be configured. The process indicators are housed in a compact square enclosure which panel mounts, and are auxiliary powered from 85 to 270V AC. 

Features :
4 digit, 7 segment LED
Digital filtering for display
TC/RTD input type

Display : 4 digit, 7 segment digital display Keys
3 keys for digital setting
Input Type
For PIC101A-T-230 :
Thermocouple (J,K,T,R,S), RTD (Pt100)
For PIC101A-VI-230 :
Voltage : 0 - 10V DC
Current : 0 - 20mA & 4- 20mA DC
Sampling Time : 250 ms
Resolution : 1 / 0.1 (For PIC101A-T-230)
Supply Voltage : 230V AC +-20%, 50/60Hz

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Selec Counter/Totalizer XC410

Brand : Selec
Model : XC410

Description : 
The Selec XC410 is a 6 digit Counter with push buttons suitable for counting operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. Accepts input from - Proximity switches, Encoders, Potential free contacts with optional 10 years memory retention, with input speed from 0 to 1 KHZ and 999999 counts. These counters are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 90 to 270Vac/dc.

6 digits, 7 segments LED totaliser
Compact size
Inbuilt sensor supply

Input Voltage : 90 to 270V AC/DC 
Display : 6 digit, 0.3" height, red 7segment LED.
Inputs : 3 to 30VDC from Proximity switches, Encoders, Potential free contacts, Limit switch etc..
Sensor Supply : 12V DC@30mA (±10%), short ckt protected.
1. On front panel (selectable).
2. Remote reset (via rear terminals).
Memory Retention : 10 Years
Housing : Flame retardant plastic 

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SELEC Digital Timer XT520

Brand : Selec
Model : XT520

The Selec XT520 is a 3 digit multifunction LED digital timer and a multi-time range digital timer with push buttons suitable for controlling operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. Four timing functions can be selected together with time ranges from 0.01 to 999hr and operates on different modes like Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first, Cyclic OFF first, to operate two independent relay output contacts which are isolated from the supply voltage. The output contacts can be configured as two timed outputs, or one timed and one instantaneous output. These timers are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 85 to 270Vac/dc

Single setpoint
Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first & Cyclic OFF first (user selectable)
Start input, Easy time setting
Up / Down counting - programmable

Specifications :
Display : 3 digit, 0.5" high , Red LED
Time Ranges : 9.99S, 99.9S, 999S, 9:59Min:S, 99.9Min,999Min, 9:59Hr:Min, 99.9Hr, 999Hr
Counting Direction : UP / DOWN
Modes : a) ON delay b) INT. delay c) Cyclic ON first d)Cyclic OFF first
Time Setting : By key switches
LED Indication : Relay ON
Output : DPDT (2 change over) relay , each contact rated at 5A 230 VAC / 24 VDC
Inputs : a) Start b) Reset
a) Front panel switch or
b) Rear terminal for remote or
c) Power interruption
Reset Time : Less than 100 msec

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Selec Counter XC22B

Brand : Selec
Model : XC22B

Description :
The Selec XC22B is a 4 digit Counter with push wheel setting suitable for counting operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications .It has following operating modes on-delay, Interval delay, auto reset. Accepts input from - Proximity switches, Encoders, Potential free contacts with optional 10 years memory retention , with input speed from 0 to 2 KHZ and 9999 counts and to operate two independent relay output contacts with single set point which are isolated from the supply voltage. These counters are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 230/110 Vac/dc. 

Preset counter, Thumbwheel setting, Auto reset, Battery backup (Optional) 


Supply : 230V AC, 110V AC, 50/60 Hz 
Modes : On Delay / Interval
Accuracy :± 1 Count (max error) 
Sensor Supply : 2V DC, 30 mA (±10%) short circuit protected. 
Reset : Front Panel Reset, Remote Reset, 
Output :2 C/O relay rated 5A @ 230V AC/24V DC
Input Type : 3-30V DC from Proximity Switch, Encoder, Solid State
Device, Mechanical Switch, Potential Free Contact.
Temperature : 0 - 50*C (operating temperature) 
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Saturday, 27 August 2016

Taparia 821 Screw Driver Set

Brand : Taparia
Model : 821

A good screwdriver is a lifetime investment for the home. No home can do without a basic set of screwdrivers and for that, the taparia 6pcs Screwdriver Set is a great option, at an extremely affordable price. Taparia is a well-reputed brand which is known for its good quality products and very affordable rates.

Features : 
The blades are made from high grade Silico- Manganese steel, which no other make uses.This steel gives spring effect also.
The blades are scientifically hardened/tempered for better wear resistance and meeting high torque requirements.
The tips of blades are magnetized to lift small screws from confined spaces & to hold the screw in position.
Handles equipped with Neon Bulb, hence could be used as screw driver as well as line tester also.
The handle is made from high grade CA Plastic, which is non-flammable and unaffected by oil, petrol, grease, water - practically anything
The handle can stand any rough use, even hammering.
The flat tip are precision - ground to 100 angle which ensures firm grip in the screw slot & other type of tips are precisely machined for its intended use.

Easy To Use
This combination set of screwdrivers is sufficient for fixing most tiny problems in the home or for putting up pictures and racks. It also helps to keep all your screwdrivers safe and in one place so you don't tend to leave them lying around.

Contents : PHILIPS 00, 0,1,2,3, 6 x 0.6 

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Indfos Pressure Switch IPSD-50

Brand : Indfos
Model : IPSD-50

Operating Function
Industrial Differential Pressure Switch (IPSD–50) is an electromechanical device that senses changes in pressure difference between two pressure lines and provides electrical
contact closures at predetermined values.

These switches are normally used on pressure lubricated system across the filter to get an indication or alarm when the filter gets choked. It can also be used to stop the pump
or energise / de-energise another electric circuit depending upon the actual application.
It is designed for use with oil, air, water and low temperature steam. It is not designed for refrigerant gases.

The lower changeover is set on the scale by rotating the pressure setting disc inside the control. Clockwise rotation of the setting disc reduces the set differential pressure and
vice versa. The higher changeover is achieved by adding the contact differential (2.8 PSI fixed) to the lower changeover. The setting disc is visible after removing front cover. It is
placed just below the LP bellows between the LP bellows and main spring.

Specifications : 
Range : 4.3 to 64 PSI (0.3 to 4.5 atm) 
Differential :  2.8 PSI (0.2 atm), Fixed
Maximum Pressure : 313 PSI (22 atm)
Sensing Element : Stainless Steel Bellows
Switching : 1 SPDT Microswitch
Switch Rating : 5A, 125/250V AC, 0.2A 250V DC
Repeatability / Accuracy : ± 2% FSR
Ambient Temperature : 70°C
Process Temperature : 100°C max.
Process Connection : 3/8" BSP (M)
Cable Entry : Suitable for 6 to 14 mm dia Cable
Mounting : Surface / Panel

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Fuji VFD 1.5kW 400V 3 Phase FRN0005C2S-4A

Brand : Fuji
Model : FRN0005C2S-4A

Features :
High performance and multipurpose
Easy operation and maintenance
Energy optimization
PID control function : Permits motor operation while controlling temperature, pressure, and flow rate without the use of a temperature controller or other external device
Cooling fan ON/OFF control function : The cooling fan can be switched off when the fan or pump is not running to reduce both noise and energy consumption
RS-485 communications port
Functions compatible with user applications
Overload capability : 150% of rated current for 1min

Dynamic torque vector control system
Slip compensation controller shortens setting time
Fastest CPU processor in its class

Specifications :
Phases, voltage, frequency : Three-phase, 400V, 50/60Hz
Cooling Method : Fan cooling

Output Power : 1.5kW

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L&T VFD SX2000 1.50kW ND 415VAC

Brand : L&T
Model : LTVF-S40003BAA

The Sx2000 is built to deliver powerful performance. It handles loads up to 75 kW (HD) / 90 kW (ND) – making it perfect for compressors, conveyors, machine tools, elevators, textiles, fans, pumps, plastic extruders, wire drawings, etc.

Compact, lightweight, easy to install, operate and service.
Designed to be used for heavy & normal duty applications.

Features and benefits: 
V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip compensation
Starting Torque: 150% at 3 Hz for V/F, 200% at 0.5Hz for Vector Control
Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
Built-in RS485 Modbus
Peer to Peer Communication to share I/O’s
Built-in Brake Control, Inbuilt PLC functionality, Component Life Monitor
Inbuilt PID, Multi Keypad, No Motor Detection
Built-in DC Reactor from 37kW to 90kW
Built-in Braking Chopper till 30kW
Enclosure : IP20 standard & IP66 Optional

Overload capacity
Heavy duty operation: 150% of rated current for 60 sec
Normal duty operation: 120% of rated current for 60 sec

IP20 standard & IP66 Optional
Dual rating operation
    Designed to be used for heavy and normal duty applications.
    Safety Disable function (Safety Stop)
    Sx2000 is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the additional of previously required external devices. Through this compliance, Sx2000 reduces the number of peripheral devices needed to satisfy safety regulation. It results in cost, space, and maintenance reduction.

    Applications : Perfactly suited for conveyors, pumps, fans and textile machinery.

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    Friday, 26 August 2016

    Kusum Meco Digital Clampmeter KM 111M

    Brand : Kusum Meco
    Model : KM 111M

    600A AC Clamp-on + Multimeter ranges
    Ultra-slim jaws to access tight places
    Light weight & compact body to fit your hand
    Fully Auto-ranging for fast measurements
    Input Protection on all ranges
    Fast 30ms MAX Hold to capture in-rush currents
    Relative Zero mode
    Measures non-invasive ACA Frequency via clamp jaws
    Line level frequency measurements
    Data Hold function

    Specifications :
    Operating Temperature : 0°C to 40°C.
    Battery : Single 3V coin Battery IEC CR-2032
    Accessories : Test lead pair, Battery installed, User’s Manual & Carrying case
    Counts : 4000
    Jaw opening dia - cable of 40mm

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    Multispan Programmable Temperature Controller UTC-221

    Brand : Multispan
    Model : UTC-221

    Features :
    4 Digit Dual Display, Universal Input – Configurable Control Action (TP/ON-OFF) Programmable Temperature Controller-Time Proportional/ON-OFF Input Configurable for J/K Thermocouple or PT100 sensor Relay 1 and SSR parallel for Heating OR Cooling
    Specifications :
    Sensor : J / K / PT-100 2W / 3W (Configurable)
    Range : J(0ºC to 600ºC), K(0ºC to 1200ºC), PT-100 2W/3W (-99ºC to 400ºC, -99.9ºC to 400.0°C)
    Control Output : 1 - Relay & SSR, Both Parallel
    Relay Rating : 1 C/O, 5A, 230V AC
    SSR/buzzer : 12V DC approximately
    Control Action : Time Proportional (TP) / ON-OFF (Configurable)
    Operating Mode : HEAT / COOL Mode (Configurable)
    Resolution : J & K 1°C Fix, PT-100 2W/3W 1°C/0.1°C
    Accurace : ±1% of FSD
    Power Supply : 90 - 270V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, SMPS
    Protection : Relay turns OFF in case of sensor break
    Indication : “OPEN” message is display if sensor is disconnected & LED for Relay Status Indication
    Enclosure :Plastic
    Size : 72 X 72 X 85 mm

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    Multispan Count Totalizer CT-1000

    Brand : Multispan
    Model : CT-1000

    Display : Single : 7 segment, 6 digit, 0.56”, RED LED display
    Input Voltage : 230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz (linear power supply)
    Input Signal : NPN/PNP proximity switch / Micro switch / 230V AC Pulse / Encoder
    Input Frequency : 80Hz
    Reset Facility : Manual reset at Front Key
    Memory Retention : Non-Volatile memory
    Operating Ambient Temperature : 0°C - 55°C
    Enclosure Material : Plastic

    Programmability of counters in terms of various inputs, speed choices & output types are widely used in
    Production Counter Application
    Packaging Machinery
    Plastic Processing Machinery
    Stone Processing Machinery
    Rubber Processing Industry
    Printing Industry
    Pharmacheutical Industry
    Food Industry

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    Thursday, 25 August 2016

    Siemens Power Contactor 3TF 09A 1NO 230V Coil

    Brand : Siemens
    Model 3TF30 10-0A-P0

    With 3TF contactors Siemens has been offering a tried tested trusted solution to control, switch and protect your motors upto 250kW.
    • Superior design of contact and magnet system increases reliability by offering higher electrical and mechanical endurance
    • Ensures higher performance with suitability upto 550 C without deration
    • SIGUT termination upto 85A reduced installation time and provides operator safety
    Standards : Contactors conform to IS/IEC 60947-4-1. They also carry the CE mark.
    Range : Air break contactors are available from 9 A to 475A in 3 pole version. Also available in 2 pole AC version from 45A to 400A.
    Applications: 3TF power contactors are suitable for switching and controlling squirrel cage and slip-ring motors as well as other AC loads, such as solenoids, capacitors, lighting loads, heating loads and transformer loads.
    Type : 1 NO
    Input Voltage : 440V AC
    Size : 0
    Ampere : 09A
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    Tuesday, 23 August 2016

    Elix FIRE HUNT ABC Powder Type (Stored Pressure) Fire Extinguisher 2Kg

    Brand : Elix Fire
    Model : FIRE HUNT- 2KG

    Features :
    Mono-ammonium phosphate based dry chemical powder
    Capable of fighting Class A, B and C fires
    ISI Marked Certified to IS:15683.
    High quality paint.
    Brass nickel plated valve with squeeze grip operation.
    Unique colour coded handle and base (optional).
    Rechargeable and easy to service

    Specifications :
    Hydraulic Test Pressure : 35 Kgf/cm²
    Service Pressure : 15 Kgf/cm²
    Operating Position : Upright
    Discharge Time : More than 13 second
    Minimum Effective Discharge : 85%
    Capacity : 2 Kg
    Temperature Range : (-) 10 °C to (+) 55 °C

    Applications : Used in small industries, showrooms, offices, shops etc....

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    Oreva Down Light 4" 6W

    Brand : Oreva
    Model : ORDL-R4-6W

    Long life span &  Eco-friendly
    Lower consumption & energy saving
    Extra Bright LED
    High impact PC body flame
    No UV / IR Radiation safely
    IC base high tech LED driver
    PC body with “ALUMINUM HEAT SINK”

    Specifications :  
    Input Voltage – 230V AC – 50Hz
    Power Factor – 0.95
    Colour Temperature – 3000k – 4500k – 6500K
    CRI – HIGH
    Lumens – 385lm
    Operating Temperature -20 deg to 50 deg centigrade
    LED Driver – Constant Voltage and Current

    Offices & Conferences rooms, Corridors & Galleries, Homes & Showrooms

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    Syska LED Tubelight T5 18W -4 Feet (SSK-SQ1801)

    Brand : Syska
    Model : SSK-SQ1801

    Features: Lower Consumption and Energy Saving, Elegant Look

    Specifications :

    Input Power : 18Watt, 
    Input Voltage : 90~300VAC - 50Hz

    Colour Temperature : 6500 k (CW),  
    CRI (Colour Rendering Index): More than 80
    Lumens : 1850 lm, 
    Size(mm) : 1200mm
    Operating Temperature : (-20deg to 60 deg centigrade)

    Applications: Offices, Malls, Showrooms, Residential etc...

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    Selec Counter XC200NX

    Brand : Selec
    Mode : XC200-NX

    Description :
    The Selec XC200NX is a 6 digit Counter with push wheel setting suitable for counting operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. It has following operating modes on-delay, Interval delay, auto reset, time pulse repeat. Accepts input from - Proximity switches, Encoders, Potential free contacts with optional 10 years memory retention, with input speed from 0 to 5 KHZ and 9999 counts and 4.00 RPM/RPH to 99999 RPM/RPH and to operate two independent relay output contacts with two set point which are isolated from the supply voltage. These counters are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 85 to 270 Vac/dc. 

    6 digts counter, 5 digits RPM indicator
    LED status indicator: Relay 1, Relay 2
    Programmable input scaling, 2 Setpoints
    Up, Down, Quadrature & Bi-directional 

    Specifications :
    Display : 6 digits, 7-segment LED Display
    Range : Least Count 0.0001, 0.001, 0.01, 0.1, 1
    Setpoints : 2 setpoints, each programmable from 0.0001 to 999999
    Operating Modes : 1. On delay, 2. Interval, 3. Time Pulse repeat, 4. Auto Reset
    Supply : 90 to 270V AC/DC
    Sensor Supply : 12V DC
    Relay Output : 2 C/O each rated 5A @230VAC / 24VDC
    Mounting : Panel Mounting

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