Monday, 29 August 2016

SELEC Digital Timer XT520

Brand : Selec
Model : XT520

The Selec XT520 is a 3 digit multifunction LED digital timer and a multi-time range digital timer with push buttons suitable for controlling operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. Four timing functions can be selected together with time ranges from 0.01 to 999hr and operates on different modes like Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first, Cyclic OFF first, to operate two independent relay output contacts which are isolated from the supply voltage. The output contacts can be configured as two timed outputs, or one timed and one instantaneous output. These timers are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 85 to 270Vac/dc

Single setpoint
Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first & Cyclic OFF first (user selectable)
Start input, Easy time setting
Up / Down counting - programmable

Specifications :
Display : 3 digit, 0.5" high , Red LED
Time Ranges : 9.99S, 99.9S, 999S, 9:59Min:S, 99.9Min,999Min, 9:59Hr:Min, 99.9Hr, 999Hr
Counting Direction : UP / DOWN
Modes : a) ON delay b) INT. delay c) Cyclic ON first d)Cyclic OFF first
Time Setting : By key switches
LED Indication : Relay ON
Output : DPDT (2 change over) relay , each contact rated at 5A 230 VAC / 24 VDC
Inputs : a) Start b) Reset
a) Front panel switch or
b) Rear terminal for remote or
c) Power interruption
Reset Time : Less than 100 msec

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