Wednesday, 31 August 2016

Testo 830-T1 Infrared Gun

Brand : Testo
Model : 830-T1

Description :
The testo 830-T1 infrared temperature gun allows efficient, non-contact surface temperature measurements to be carried out. The infrared temperature thermometer will leave you well equipped, especially for control readings in trade and industry: The gun-style design is easy to handle and the integrated processor provides accurate measurement results.
The testo 830-T1 infrared temperature gun with laser measurement spot marker and 10:1 optics is suitable for non-contact surface temperature measurements in trade and industry.

Benefits :
Infrared temperature thermometer for non-contact surface temperature measurements
10:1 optics and high resolution processor for accurate measurement results
Easy to use thanks to the gun-style design
Adjustable emission level

The speed of the testo 830-T1 infrared temperature thermometer is impressive: it can take two measurements per second that helps you undertake bigger measuring tasks quickly and efficiently.
Two alarm limit values that can be defined as required
Visual and acoustic alarm if limit value exceeded 

Min./max. value display and hold function (to record a measured value)
Convenient one-handed operation thanks to the ergonomic gun-style design
Clear, illuminated digital display

Fast Response IR Thermometer
Temperature Range : -30*C to 400*C     
Accurate : (+/-1.5*C), Adjustable Emisivity : 0.2 to 1.0
Superior Distance to spot ratio (10 : 1)
Adjustable Alarm Limits, With Calibration Protocol
Warranty : 2 Years for manufacturing defects only.

Applications : HVAC, Thermal Insulation, Rubber (Type) Industry, Plastic Industry, Railways, Pharmaceutical Industries, Generators & Diesel Engines, Food Processing and many more.....

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