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Indfos Pressure Switch IPSD-50

Brand : Indfos
Model : IPSD-50

Operating Function
Industrial Differential Pressure Switch (IPSD–50) is an electromechanical device that senses changes in pressure difference between two pressure lines and provides electrical
contact closures at predetermined values.

These switches are normally used on pressure lubricated system across the filter to get an indication or alarm when the filter gets choked. It can also be used to stop the pump
or energise / de-energise another electric circuit depending upon the actual application.
It is designed for use with oil, air, water and low temperature steam. It is not designed for refrigerant gases.

The lower changeover is set on the scale by rotating the pressure setting disc inside the control. Clockwise rotation of the setting disc reduces the set differential pressure and
vice versa. The higher changeover is achieved by adding the contact differential (2.8 PSI fixed) to the lower changeover. The setting disc is visible after removing front cover. It is
placed just below the LP bellows between the LP bellows and main spring.

Specifications : 
Range : 4.3 to 64 PSI (0.3 to 4.5 atm) 
Differential :  2.8 PSI (0.2 atm), Fixed
Maximum Pressure : 313 PSI (22 atm)
Sensing Element : Stainless Steel Bellows
Switching : 1 SPDT Microswitch
Switch Rating : 5A, 125/250V AC, 0.2A 250V DC
Repeatability / Accuracy : ± 2% FSR
Ambient Temperature : 70°C
Process Temperature : 100°C max.
Process Connection : 3/8" BSP (M)
Cable Entry : Suitable for 6 to 14 mm dia Cable
Mounting : Surface / Panel

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