Saturday, 27 August 2016

L&T VFD SX2000 1.50kW ND 415VAC

Brand : L&T
Model : LTVF-S40003BAA

The Sx2000 is built to deliver powerful performance. It handles loads up to 75 kW (HD) / 90 kW (ND) – making it perfect for compressors, conveyors, machine tools, elevators, textiles, fans, pumps, plastic extruders, wire drawings, etc.

Compact, lightweight, easy to install, operate and service.
Designed to be used for heavy & normal duty applications.

Features and benefits: 
V/F, Sensorless Vector Control, Slip compensation
Starting Torque: 150% at 3 Hz for V/F, 200% at 0.5Hz for Vector Control
Conformal Coating complying to IEC 60721-3-3 class 3C2
Built-in RS485 Modbus
Peer to Peer Communication to share I/O’s
Built-in Brake Control, Inbuilt PLC functionality, Component Life Monitor
Inbuilt PID, Multi Keypad, No Motor Detection
Built-in DC Reactor from 37kW to 90kW
Built-in Braking Chopper till 30kW
Enclosure : IP20 standard & IP66 Optional

Overload capacity
Heavy duty operation: 150% of rated current for 60 sec
Normal duty operation: 120% of rated current for 60 sec

IP20 standard & IP66 Optional
Dual rating operation
    Designed to be used for heavy and normal duty applications.
    Safety Disable function (Safety Stop)
    Sx2000 is compliant to the EU Machinery Directive without the additional of previously required external devices. Through this compliance, Sx2000 reduces the number of peripheral devices needed to satisfy safety regulation. It results in cost, space, and maintenance reduction.

    Applications : Perfactly suited for conveyors, pumps, fans and textile machinery.

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