Friday, 26 August 2016

Multispan Count Totalizer CT-1000

Brand : Multispan
Model : CT-1000

Display : Single : 7 segment, 6 digit, 0.56”, RED LED display
Input Voltage : 230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz (linear power supply)
Input Signal : NPN/PNP proximity switch / Micro switch / 230V AC Pulse / Encoder
Input Frequency : 80Hz
Reset Facility : Manual reset at Front Key
Memory Retention : Non-Volatile memory
Operating Ambient Temperature : 0°C - 55°C
Enclosure Material : Plastic

Programmability of counters in terms of various inputs, speed choices & output types are widely used in
Production Counter Application
Packaging Machinery
Plastic Processing Machinery
Stone Processing Machinery
Rubber Processing Industry
Printing Industry
Pharmacheutical Industry
Food Industry

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