Monday, 13 November 2017

Application of Indo Asian 40A 3 Pole MCB C Curve .......

Brand : Indo Asian
Model : 811196

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About Indo Asian :
IndoAsian is an Indian origin complete with a gift of client trust established over five decades past. As business pioneers, they were the
first to supply 10kA breaking capability MCBs and RCCBs in India, and still deliver high-quality merchandise suited to the Indian market.
Designing a lot of with less, and giving nice worth for cash is at the center of everything they are doing. they pioneer in order that their merchandise make sense, while not compromising on quality. they decision this sparing Engineering, and it takes them from “how to create this product better” to “how to create this higher product accessible.” this is often however they live success: once each client UN agency experiences it says “this makessense”.

IndoAsian could be a a part of the Legrand cluster in India.

Product vary :
Circuit Breakers and Fuses, Contactors and Timers, Distribution Systems, Switches and Sockets, switch Devices.

Description :
With a minimum operational voltage of 12V, Optipro MCBs ar sturdy and high on performance. the entire accessories vary, including auxiliary transformation switch, fault communication contact, shunt trip, and undervoltage trip, makes Optipro ideal for diverse application. 35 sq
mm terminals are specially designed to accommodate larger cable connections. color committal to writing and on-off markings on the handle are visual indicators designed for simple use.

Applications : Under normal working conditions, MCB operates as a switch (manual one) to create the circuit ON or OFF. under overload or
short circuit condition, it mechanically operates or journeys in order that current interruption takes place within the load circuit.
Used in all style of industries, house wiring, shops, malls etc....

Features & Specifications :
ISI/CE Marked as per IS/IEC 60898-1
Rated Short Circuit Breaking Capacity : 10kA
Degree of Protectio
n : IP20
Energy Limitations : Class 3
Line Load Reversibility, Biconnect Terminals
Operating Voltage : 240V/415VAC, 60VDC Per Pole
Ampere Rating : 40A
No. of Poles : 03

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