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Emerson Rosemount 306 In-Line Manifold

Brand : Emerson
Model : 306

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About Emerson :
Emerson has with boldness remodeled itself to make price for his or her customers and shareholders. With their fresh energized concentrate on their 2 core business platforms — Automation Solutions Associate in Nursingd business & Residential Solutions — they'll confront the challenges of an more and more advanced and unpredictable marketplace from a foothold of strength. this permits them to drive each near- and long price. And retain their single-trusted-partner standing with the method, industrial, business and residential industries.

Automation Solutions :
Emerson is committed to radically up their method and industrial business customers' performance with measurable results.
Helping the globe create the foremost use of its valuable resources.
Enabling nations to maneuver their economies forward in an exceedingly accountable approach.
Empowering industries to thrive once it matters most.
Advancing the industries that area unit the backbone of existence.

Commercial & Residential Solutions :
Emerson area unit dedicated to up the standard of people's lives round the world. 
Enhancing human comfort whereas up energy potency.
Protecting food quality from purpose of origin to final destination.
Preserving the atmosphere by grinding virtually any waste matter into a supply of energy.
Strengthening municipal and medical infrastructures for property health and safety.

Emerson realignment creates a extremely targeted portfolio organized around a solution-centric business model. it'll enable them to accelerate growth and price creation so they'll best serve their customers, their workers and their shareholders. making certain that every will believe Emerson's enduring promise of take into account it solved .

Products & Services :
Heating & air-con, Thermostats, Refrigeration, Controls & watching Systems, waste matter Disposals, quandary Dispensers, Home Repair & Maintenance, Construction & Plumbing Tools, Electrical Construction Materials & Lighting, Sensing & Protection Devices, Ceiling Fans & Lighting, Vacuum Cleaners & Wet/Dry Vacs, Indoor/Outdoor Heating Cable, cleanup Systems & Cell Disruptors, Digital Services, coaching & Consulting.

Description :
The Rosemount 306 In-Line Manifold is engineered for in-line transmitters. This manifold comes with a male or female threaded NPT process connection and assembles directly to pressure transmitters and gauges for simple in-process calibration. Featuring block-and-bleed and 2-valve configuration for instrument isolation and drain/vent capabilities, this manifold comes factory-assembled to transmitters and gauges, leak-tested and calibrated.  

Features :
Assembles directly to in-line pressure transmitters and gauges for simple in-process calibration
Block-and-bleed and 2-valve configurations provide instrument isolation and drain/vent capabilities
Male or female NPT process connection meets varying application requirements
Factory-assembled, leak-tested and calibrated to assure optimal performance

Specifications :
Maximum Operating Temperature : 1000°F (538°C) 
Manifold Material : 316 SST/316L SST, Alloy C-276, Alloy 400 
Packing Material : PTFE, Graphite-based 
Process Connections : 1/2" -14 male NPT, 1/2" -14 female NPT 
Process Connection Orientation : Parallel with transmitter 
Certifications : Cleaning for special services, sour gas (meets NACE MR 0175/ISO 15156, MR0103), see full specs for complete list of certifications 
Warranty : Up to 5-year limited warranty 

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