Thursday, 17 August 2017

Application of Unitech Three Phase Ampere Meter PENTA3A .....

Brand : Unitech Solutions
Model : PENTA3A

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About Unitech :
Unitech Engineers is a renowned and a leading manufacturer of Electrical measuring instruments and power system equipment. Unitech caters a wide range of equipment in the field of measurement. Established in 1984, Unitech is now a leading manufacturer and supplier of digital metering systems in India. It has always new benchmarks in innovation and quality conscience at effective prices.

The use of genuine raw materials and state of art production helped them in providing high quality products with advanced technology to their client base. Unitech  products are reckoned for their features, accuracy, smooth performance, durability, conductivity and cost effective prices.

Unitech state of the art production systems and assembly lines along with well-equipped R&D have the flexibility to design products and modify them to the client requirements. They have a team of skill and competent engineers work hard to bring new and advanced products in market that solves the need of the end customer.

Aim of Unitech is to provide the best product at the best possible price.

Product Range :
Ampere Meter, Volt Meter, Frequency Meter, SMPS Based Meters, AVF Meter, Advanced Meter, Multifunction Meter, Energy Meters- Single Source, Energy Meters- Dual Source, Round Meters, CT Coil and DC Shunt, Process Indicators.

Features & Specifications :
Displays Current - Phasewise and Average.
Accuracy - Class 1 and 0.5 CT primary range 1A to 50kA Programmable.
CT secondary range 0.5A to 5A Programmable.
Metering Standard: IEC62052-11
Panel cut Out 96X96mm.
Micro-controller based equipment.
Rugged Construction with ABS casing
Material : ABS
Range : 1A to 50KA
Size : 96mm X 96mm
Accuracy : Class 1

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