Thursday, 13 July 2017

What is the payback period of T5 LED Tubelights over Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs ?

LED is the best option for lighting in now a days because of :
1. It does not contain mercury which is harmful for environment like Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs do...
2. Its life is very long & its payback period is very low.

Life of lights :
Most of the Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs may last upto 3 to 4 years or 8000 to 12000 hours. But LED lights last much longer upto 20000 to 40000 hrs of usage.
Also Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs emits heat which is harmful for environment. LEDs does not emits heat to environment. So it's use is better for environment.

Lighting of LED Lights :
LED lights are always a good option for lumens per watt instead of Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs. They are uni direction flow of lighting, so used for spot lighting.

Payback Period :
However LED T5 tube lights have more prices then Fluorescent Lights & Bulbs, but it will payback its price in around 1 year of time.(** As per usage of 8 hours / day)
Suppose, 40 watt Fluorescent light will be in use for daily 8 hours, and T5 LED tube light of 18 watt will be used for 8 hours, T5 will give same lights in 18 watt compared to 40 watt Fluorescent light.

Please check below table of comparison of LED T5 Tube lights & Fluorescent Lights.


T-5 LED Tubelight
Rs : 400-500
10 months to 1 year
4-6 years
110 lm per watt
Fluorescent Tubelight
Rs : 100-120

3-4 years
60-80 lm per watt 

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