Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to Use Servotronics Auto Ranging RPM Indicator RPM 9604 ???

Brand : Servotronics
Model : RPM 9604

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About Servotronics :
Servotronics comprehensive range of industrial process control & automation instruments, which includes Digital Temperature Controllers & Indicators, Counters, Digital Timers, RPM, Count & Time Totalizers, Temperature Controllers and AC Timers. Servotronics Light Counters, Batch Counters, Digital Panel Meter & DC Watt Meter, ELE Hooter, Special Timer and Process Control Instruments. These instruments are manufactured using premium quality sheet metal box, pcb, Ic, capacitor, resistor, Transformer, relays potentiometer, thumb wheel etc.

Product Range :
length counters, batch counters, length measuring counters, digital batch counters, temperature controllers, digital temperature indicators, digital timers, digital panel meters, rpm meter, count and time totalizers.

Product Features:
Auto ranging Rotation Per Minute (RPM) indicator are designed to measure rotational speed from 0.10 to 9999(RPM).
These unit are designed to accurately measure rotational speed. Time base generated by crystal controlled oscillator.
Microcontroller software calculate the RPM. The decimal point will shift according to the speed.

Specifications :
Input : Proximity Switch or Potential Free Contacts
Supply : 230V AC
Optional Inputs : 230VAC Pulses, Opto Coupler
Size : 96mm X 96mm

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