Thursday, 29 November 2018

Viral Control Gear Universal Temperature Controller VTC-7272

Brand : Viral Control Gear 
Model : VTC-7272

Universal Temperature Controller : 

Universal Temperature Controllers difference controllers function according to the principle of temperature differences. The Universal Temperature controller controls the installation and systems according to the temperature specified by the user. It performs important monitoring and safety functions for safe, long-term operation.

Universal Temperature controller boasts an advanced tuning algorithm which continuously monitors process performance and automatically adjusts PID settings to obtain the best possible control response. The Universal Temperature Controller accepts most common analogue signals and sensors featuring the necessary signal to connect the process actuators. Complete instrument configuration is made using either the keypad or the USB interface with the N Config software on your PC. A big advantage is that once the instrument is programmed, the profile can be saved for future use in the event of an unexpected interruption.

Features & Specifications :

Display :
0.39”, 0.56” 7 - Segment 4 Digit RED Display.
Sensor : J / K / R / S / PT - 100 (Factory Set)
Range : J (0 to 750 °C), K (0 to 1200 °C), R (0 to 1750 °C), S (0 to 1750 °C), PT - 100 (-99.9 to 400.0 °C)
Resolution : J, K, R & S (1 °C), PT - 100 (0.1 °C)
Accuracy : ±1% of FSD
Output : Relay Output 1 C/O, 5 A, 230 V AC
Power Supply : 230 V AC ±10%, 50 Hz OR,90 - 270 V AC/DC, 50/60 Hz, SMPS
Size : 72mm X 72mm X 80mm

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