Saturday, 24 November 2018

Syska LED Flood Light 90W SSK-BLS-90W

Brand : Syska 
Model : SSK-BLS-90W

Syska LED Flood Light 90W :

In the top tiers of many Professional Sports , it is a requirement for Garden to have flood lights to allow games to be scheduled outside daylight hours. Evening or night matches may suit spectators who have work or other commitment earlier in the day. One motivation for this is television marketing, especially in sports such as football which rely on TV rights money to finance the sport. Some sports grounds which do not have permanent floodlights installed may make use of portable temporary ones instead. Many larger flood lights will have gantries for bulb changing and maintenance. These will usually be able to accommodate one or two maintenance workers.

The most common type of floodlight is the metal-halide lamp, which emits a bright white light. Garden lamps are also commonly used for sporting events, as they have a very high lumen-to-watt ratio, making them a cost-effective choice when certain lux levels must be provided


Easy retrofit for conventional, energy saving
Uniform Distribution of Light
Eco-friendly, Reduces co2

Specifications :
Input Power : 90W
Input Voltage : AC90~300V, 50Hz
Color Temperature : 6500 K
Lumens :  >8100
CRI : More than 85
Beam Angle : >170 deg
Ingress Protection : IP65
Operating Temperature : (-20 deg to 60deg centigrade)

APPLICATIONS : Showrooms, Malls, Area Lighting, Outdoor Lighting, Hoardings, Display Boards, Facade Lighting.
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