Saturday, 24 March 2018

Hydint Moisture Separator Combo-02

About HYDINT :
M\S Airmax Pneumatic Ltd is the parent company of HYDINT. Which is established in 1992. It manufactures Pneumatic operated Valves like Solenoid Valves, Manual Valve,Filtration, Accessories etc.
Company period of time, a separate brand "HYDINT" was floated especially to cater filtration system which includes Moisture Separators, Auto Drain Valves, Oil Removal Filters and Air Filters.

Filtration System is employed in various industries such as Process & Chemicals, Refineries, Fertilizers, Drugs & Pharmaceuticals, Power Stations, Nuclear, Textiles, Food & Oil Industries and so on.

Manufacturing of HYDINT products is simply more than passion for them. Improvisation and Innovation is their way of life. This has resulted to a northward journey towards progress.

Product Range :
Moisture Separators,Auto Drain Valves, Oil Removal Filters and Air Filters.

About Pneumatics & Accessories :
Pneumatic products are used in various types of Industries link Chemical, Process Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries etc.
Pneumatic systems used in industry are commonly powered by compressed air or compressed inert gases. A centrally located and electrically powered compressor powers cylinders, air motors, and other pneumatic devices. A pneumatic system controlled through manual or automatic solenoid valves is selected when it provides a lower cost, more flexible, or safer alternative to electric motors and actuators.

Pneumatics also has applications in dentistry, construction, mining, and other areas.

Features & Specifications :
Hydint Moisture Separator with Lip Drain Bowl, Aluminium Body, Female Screwed (BSP)
Size : 15mm (1/2")
Body : Aluminium Pressure Die Cast
Flow Rate of SCFM : 28 & 40
Filter Element : Imported SS Coalescer
Design Pressure : 0-10kg/cm²
Testing Pressure : 12kg/cm²
Media : Compressed Air
Min. Distance Required : 6 mtrs. after compressor/air receiver tank

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