Saturday, 31 March 2018

Application of ABM Digital Length Counter LC-2046 ......

Brand : ABM Instrument
Model : LC-2046

About Counter :
Length counter comes with various features and options for accurate measurement of fabric length at various machine. It also display production speed , Efficiency, Batch counts , Set Length etc…
There are many types of counters like Length Counter Meter , Fabric length measurement unit , Hank Counter , Preset Counter.
Digital counters are used for measuring rotating objects to measure length of wire, length of paper, length of yarn
Also used at various textile and other industry to measure length of Fabric - cloth , Length of pipe , length of wire , length of jute etc

Applications : These instruments are used for production measurement at various places like textile mills , Process houses , Weaving Mills, Cement Plants, Steel Plants , Plastic

Features & Specifications :
Autotime : 99.9 Sec
Input Signal : NPN/PNP Proximity Swich
Range : 0.99999.9
Output : 1C/0, 5A, 230V AC, & SSR Both Parallel
Setting : Front Keyped Programming
Memory Retention : Memory Retention For Power Filure
Set Point : Single Set Point
Power Supply : 230V AC 50HZ
Dimension : 72mm X 72mm X 85mm

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