Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Application of ABM Digital Batch Counter BC-1046 .....

Brand  : ABM Instrument
Model : BC-1046

About Digital Counter :
A counter circuit is usually constructed of a number of flip-flops connected in cascade. Counters are a very widely used component in digital circuits, and are manufactured as separate integrated circuits and also incorporated as parts of larger integrated circuits.

In electronics, counters can be implemented quite easily using register-type circuits such as the flip-flop, and a wide variety of classified into:

Asynchronous (ripple) counter – changing state bits are used as clocks to subsequent state flip-flops
Synchronous counter – all state bits change under control of a single clock
Decade counter – counts through ten states per stage
Up/down counter – counts both up and down, under command of a control input
Ring counter – formed by a shift register with feedback connection in a ring
Johnson counter – a twisted ring counter
Cascaded counter
Modulus counter.
Each is useful for different applications. Usually, counter circuits are digital in nature, and count in natural binary. Many types of counter circuits are available as digital building blocks, for example a number of chips in the 4500 series implement different counters.

Occasionally there are advantages to using a counting sequence other than the natural binary sequence—such as the binary coded decimal counter, a linear-feedback shift register counter, or a Gray-code counter.

Applications : Counters are useful for digital clocks and timers, and in oven timers, VCR clocks, etc.

Features & Specifications :
: 99.9 Sec
Input Signal : NPN/PNP Proximiting Switch/Micro Switch
Range : 0.999999.9
Output :
1C/0, 5A, 230V AC, & SSR Both Parallel
Setting : Front Keyped Programming
Memory Retention : Non-Volatile Memory
Set point : Set 1 & Set 2
Power Supply : 230V AC 50HZ
Dimension : 96mm X 96mm X 50mm

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