Thursday, 29 March 2018

Application of Akari Filter Regulator ....

About Akari :
Akari would love to introduce themselves as a dealer of mechanics product for last 25 years and have luanched foreign mechanics product since last 3 years. they need a full stock of Directional management Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Pilot and Direct Acting coil Valves, Manual, Mechanical and Automatic Valves, automobile Drain Valve, high Filter & Regulator, Air Treatment Units, Push-inTube Fittings, Silencers, Air guns, Brass One bit Couplers, Hose Reel, Spring Balancers etc. to fulfill and satisfy each client wants.

All the product, they import ar factory-made by the businesses WHO possess ISO 9001-2000 International Quality System Attestation. Techno mechanics is in coordination with these firms, WHO use their technological strength and wealthy skilled experiences and launch latest product.

Product Range :
Solenoid Valves
Filter regulator of stuff
Pneumatic Operational Valves
Pneumatic Cylinders
Ball Valves
Quick unharness Coupling & gun
Pneumatic Tools
Pu tube & mechanics Fitting
Miscellaneous things

About Pneumatics & Accessories :
Pneumatic products are used in various types of Industries link Chemical, Process Industries, Manufacturing Industries, Pharmaceuticals Industries etc.
Pneumatic systems used in industry are commonly powered by compressed air or compressed inert gases. A centrally located and electrically powered compressor powers cylinders, air motors, and other pneumatic devices. A pneumatic system controlled through manual or automatic solenoid valves is selected when it provides a lower cost, more flexible, or safer alternative to electric motors and actuators.

Application : Pneumatics also has applications in dentistry, construction, mining, and other areas.

Features & Specifications :
Type : AC Series, AF Series, AL Series, AR Series, AW Series, Festo Series, Festo Type, Legris Type Series
Connection Type : 2/2 Way
Size : 1 Inch to 3/8 Inch, NOZZEL - 100MM to 300MM
Temperature Range :  -5 to 180* C
Pressure Range : 0.5 to 15 Kg/cm2, 2 to 8 Bar, Up To 40 Kgf/Cm2
Material : Stainless Steel
Bore Diameter (mm) : 16, 20, 25, 32, 40
Stroke (mm) : 50 to 600
Bore Diameter : 16mm to 40mm
PU Fitting Size : 10 x 1/2" (10-04) to 14 x 1/4" (14-02)
Push In Fitting Size : 4 to 15
Unequal Tee Size : 10-10-4 to 16-16-6
Unequal Union Size : 6-4 to 16-12

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