Thursday, 29 March 2018

Application of ABM Digital Programmable Counter PC-2044 ....

Brand  : ABM Instrument
Model : PC-2044

About Programmable Counter :
A counter that divides an input frequency by a number which can be programmed into decades of synchronous down counters; these decades, with additional decoding and control logic, give the equivalent of a divide-by-N counter system, where N can be made equal to any number.

Working :

Instrument accepts signals from Photo Sensors, Proximity Switches, Limit Switches, Contact closures, Encoders, Voltage Pulses ....etc....

The Incoming signal is filtered, conditioned, wave shaped with help of filters and choppers. The signal is fed to Synchronous counter I.C. which drives seven segment display. At the same time signal is compared with set value. At the set point relay change over takes place. The Relay can be operated in Delayed On, Delayed Off, Auto Reset modes as per the application.

Applications : Digital Programmable Counters found many applications like textile Industries for meter counting, Pharmaceutical - chemical - Food Industries for event counting, packing machinaries, machine tool engineering for stroke counting etc...

Features & Specifications :
Autotime : 99.9 Sec
Input Signal : NPN/PNP Proximity Switch/Micro Switch
Range : 0.9999 Count
Output : 1C/0, 5A, 230V AC, & SSR Both Parallel
Setting : Front Keyped Programming
Memory Retention : Non Volatile Memory
Set Point : 1 Set Point
Power Supply : 230V AC 50HZ
Dimension : 72mm X 72mm X 85mm

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