Friday, 16 February 2018

Selec Controllers & Indicators .....

About Selec :
Core Expertise : Research & Development :
1.R&D center recognized by DSIR (Government of India)
2.End to End design capability
   -Hardware Design
   -Embedded Application Development
   -PC and Web based software development.
   -Mould desing of plastic part, and moulding.
3.Team of engineers dedicated to product innovation.
4.Well-equipped laboratory, with EMC test facilities.

Manufacturing :
1.Automated SMT Assembly lines.
2.Automated Test set ups.
3.Tool room for maintenance. house injection mouding facility.
5.Laser and pad printing facility.

Product Range :
Selec product range includes Electrical Meters, Protection & Time relays, Programmable Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Counters and Current Transformers.

Controllers & Indicators :
In control theory, a controller is a device, historically using mechanical, hydraulic, pneumatic or electronic techniques often in combination, but more recently in the form of a microprocessor or computer, which monitors and physically alters the operating conditions of a given dynamic System.

Features :
Simple & Low cost controllers, Easy to use
LED Display, Dual display available
Panel Mounted

Specification :
Input Type : Universal (J/K Thermocouple, RTD/PT100)
Input Power : Universal (85-230V AC) or 24V
Display : 3 Digit / 4 Digit
Type of Output : Relay (1C/O, 2C/O), SSR
Size(mm) : 48X48, 48X96, 72X72, 96X96

Application : For controlling & Indicating temperature in Process Industries, Chemical Industries, Pharmaceutical Industries, Moulding Industries, Heaters, Ovens, Foundries, etc...

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