Thursday, 22 February 2018

Application of Selec Timers & Counters ......

About Selec : 
Core Expertise : Research & Development :
1.R&D center recognized by DSIR (Government of India)
2.End to End design capability
   -Hardware Design
   -Embedded Application Development
   -PC and Web based software development.
   -Mould desing of plastic part, and moulding.
3.Team of engineers dedicated to product innovation.
4.Well-equipped laboratory, with EMC test facilities.

Manufacturing : 
1.Automated SMT Assembly linse.
2.Automated Test set ups.
3.Tool room for maintenance. house injection mouding facility.
5.Laser and pad printing facility.

Product Range :
Selec product range includes Electrical Meters, Protection & Time relays, Programmable Controllers, Human Machine Interfaces, Temperature Controllers, Timers, Counters and Current Transformers.

About Timers & Counters :
Electronic timers are essentially quartz clocks with special electronics, and can achieve higher precision than mechanical timers. Electronic timers have digital electronics, but may have an analog or digital display. Integrated circuits have made digital logic so inexpensive that an electronic timer is now less expensive than many mechanical and electromechanical timers. Individual timers are implemented as a simple single-chip computer system, similar to a watch and usually using the same, mass-produced, technology.

Features & Specification :
5 Functions: ON delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first, Cyclic OFF first
Batch Multiple ranges: 0.01sec to 9999 hr
Functions: ON delay, Interval, Auto reset, Time pulse repeat,
Batch Range: -999 to 9999 counts
Programmable input scaling and resolution
Input Voltage : 85-270V AC/DC
Type : Panel Mount, Din Rail Mount
Output : 1C/O, 2C/O Relay, SSR, Buzzer
Input Type : 3 to 12V DC from Proximity switches, Encoders, Potential free contacts Sensor Supply : 12V DC, 30mA (Short Circuit Protected)
Range : 0.01 to 9999 Hr, 3/10/30/60 sec./Min, 60sec/ 120sec/ 180sec (factory set), 9999. 59. 59 hr : min : sec

Application :
Counter Used For Production Counter Application, Packaging Machinery, Plastic Processing Machinery, Stone Processing Machinery, Rubber Processing Industry, Printing Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Food Industry.
Timer Used For Starters / Control Panel, Injection Moulding Machinery, Stone Processing Machinery, Ball Mill Application, Offset Printing Industries, Rubber Processing Industry, Textile.

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