Monday, 29 January 2018

Information About Techno Company & Its Products Details....

About Techno :
Techno Group was incorporated in 1994 by the three dynamic personalities from one of the main entrepreneur producing cities of India; Ahmadabad. Roots of Techno Instruments were premeditated more than 15 years ago, when these three fresh graduates in Instrumentation & Control realized the immense potential of Industrial Thermometry. After exploring the industry inside out for few years as employees, these three visionaries viz. Mr. Abhijit Gohil, Mr. Daxesh Shah & Mr. Bhavesh Parikh incepted their careers in this industry as assemblers of RTD & T/Cs with the name Techno Instruments. The idea of incessant improvement through continuous R&D in this small venture of assembling RTD & T/Cs laid the basic foundations of "Techno Group"

With their hundreds of clients in almost all possible applications of Temperature Measurements in every industry like Power, Chemical, Process, Pharmaceutical, Cement, Metal etc. they have dedicated all their resources to deliver cost effective, reliable and long-lasting solutions to their customers everywhere.

In their drive to become a nationally recognized service provider; they offer a complete gamut of all types of RTD and thermoplastic suitable for measuring temperature of all types of furnaces, boilers, turbines and machinery under one roof.

"Growing from strength to strength, Techno Group is dedicated to improving the quality of Temperature Sensing Devices, making them better, safer, easier and above all suitable to customer."

"To be established as one of the top solution providers for temperature measurements in the country by means of recognition well within and outside the Industry with constant technical & psychological development through continuous R&D".

Product Range :
Temperature Sensor Assembly : Technical Specification, Temperature Sensors for Power Industry, Temperature Sensors of Pharmaceuticals Industries, Temperature Sensors for Chemical Industries, Temperature Sensors for Metal Industries, Temperature Sensors for Cement Industries, Temperature Sensors for Textile Industries, Temperature Sensors for Plastic Industries, Thermo wells. Temperature Calibration,

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  1. Thnq for sharing good article We offer comprehensive range of Syngas analyzer
    Portable and Continuous for the analysis of stack/flue gases in exhaust, boiler and combustion process.


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