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About Parker :
The Parker Pen Company may be a manufacturer of luxury pens, supported in 1888 by patron saint Safford Parker in Janesville, Wisconsin, us. In 2011 the Parker industrial plant at Newhaven, county, England, was closed, and its production transferred to Saint-Herblain, France.

From the PARKER repository, a non-public exhibition dedicated to the story of however one man’s imagination and entrepreneurial spirit formed the history of Fine Writing, to the PARKER Archives that hold Associate in Nursing unexampled assortment of pens, advertising materials, films, videos and artefacts collected since the muse of the corporate in 1888, explore one hundred twenty five years of illustrious heritage within the art of pen creating.

Making a Parker pen may be a solemn act of creation. It not solely needs expertise however additionally rare technical competency in areas as numerous as mechanical style engineering, prototyping, and testing.

History :
George Safford Parker, the founder, had antecedently been a sales agent for the toilet Netherlands Gold Pen Company. He received his initial pen connected patent in 1889.In 1894 Parker received a patent on his "Lucky Curve" pen feed,which was claimed to draw excess ink into the pen barrel once the pen wasn't in use. The company's initial booming pen, free in 1899, was the Parker Jointless. The Lucky Curve feed was utilized in varied forms till 1928.

From the Nineteen Twenties to the Nineteen Sixties, before the event of the pen, Parker was either darling or range 2 in worldwide writing instrument sales. In 1931 Parker created Quink (quick drying ink), that eliminated the requirement for blotting.In 1941 the corporate developed the foremost wide used model of pen in history (over $400 million price of sales in its 30-year history), the Parker fifty one.Manufacturing facilities were discovered over the years in North American country, uk, Denmark, France, Mexico, USA, Pakistan, India, Deutschland (Osmia-Parker), Brazil and Argentina.

In 1955, the corporate introduced its Liquid pencil that used liquid plumbago to put in writing sort of a pen. sadly, the Scripto company had introduced an identical product known as Fluidlead many months antecedently. To avoid a pricey patent fight the businesses united to share their formulas with one another.

Product Range :
Fountain Pen, Roller Pen, Steel Pen, customary Caligrapnhy Pen, Quink Writing Inks & Refills.

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