Friday, 8 December 2017

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About Indfos :
SWITZER was founded in 1976 with fundamental goals as,
 - Highest possible quality of the product
 - Increase the proficiency of the employees
 - Success through excellent management and policies

Commenced with the manufacture of a limited range of Pressure Switches, their activities expanded to cover wider range of Pressure Switches and other Process Control Instruments such as Draft Indicators, Flow Switches, Differential Pressure Indicators, Primary flow elements. Every product earned excellent customer recognition for product quality and reliability.

QUALITY - At SWITZER, quality is not just an event, but a constant process..
While they are very proud of their quality standards, the concept of quality is a broader subject at Switzer. It is the foundation of their operating philosophy and runs deeper than products and manufacturing processes. Quality consciousness is made to percolate in every sphere of activity, besides manufacturing activity. It is a concerted effort through trained personnel to constantly strive for perfection.

If product quality does not match up to their standards, their Quality Assurance Manager is vested with authority to bring all the works to a grinding halt

To them, that kind of policy makes a perfect sense. They believe that when production is managed properly, their customers get the quality they deserve.

They are pride themselves on being people-oriented, and they have a clear understanding of the value of team-work. They also believe in sharing the rewards of success.

They work towards mutually profitable partnerships with their suppliers too. They know they are vital to the production. They provide total support to them to maintain the quality vigil continuously.

Vision :
To become a world-class industrial solution provider in the next 5 years and to become India's no 1 in the market, achieved through strategic partnership as well as research, design and development.

Mission :
Strive to grow relentlessly, to serve all business segments in India and outside of it through constant strengthening of commitment towards the core values of honesty, quality, integrity and applying it towards enterprise, innovation and expansion. Aligning the greatest asset, the employee strength towards this mission and to motivate the entire family of Switzer including employees, partners and customers towards the growth by promoting organizational culture rich with these values.

Product Range :
Pressure : Diff. Pressure Gauge, Diff.Pressure switches, Pressure Switches, Pressure Transmitters,
Flow : Averaging Pitot tube, Flow Indicators Cum Switches, Flow Switches.
Temperature : Temperature Switches.
Leval : Level Meter, Level Switches, Level Transmitters.

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