Thursday, 7 December 2017

Gipitronix Company & its Products Information .......

About Gipitronix:
After being a proprietary firm since its inception in 1980, G P Electronics has now transferred its business to GIPITRONIX Private Limited. GIPITRONIX is based on the professional strengths of its directors. It may be called a professionally managed family business because whoever joins them becomes a family member while working with them and beyond.

Their business and products have been user-friendly right from day one because the founder's career began as an end user in one of the largest petrochemical complexes at that time. They are focus on the "End Users" while designing their products to put convenience at their finger tips.

They aim to provide hassle-free ownership of their products and strive to build a win-win relationship with their customers.

This has been their mission statement right from their inception. It is a philosophy easier to accept by all their stakeholders, including their customers.

With this single mission, they have built a large customer base of demanding users, all over India. They believe in listening to the users before as well as after designing their products. That is why their products are user-friendly.

Gipitronix end users are invariably delighted when they get to use their products. And they back them up with their solid support as and when required. They will vouch for their product quality and their after-sales service, if at all they have needed it. In fact they have been the Ambassadors-at-large for their company and products.

Company Skills :
They have focused their skills on designs based on Analog and Digital Technologies, till now. In their analysis, Analog Technology still remains the best solution for calibrators which require continuous, precise and stable outputs. Analog Technology also allows an intuitive interface for the Technician carrying out Calibration. It doesn't provide information processing power, however. This power can come only with micro-controllers.

They intend to embed micro-controllers in their designs to provide this power while retaining the convenience of analog. In fact they are gunning for a holistic marriage of both the Analog and Micro-controller Technologies, just like they did with Analog and Digital.

Gipitronix Products :
They have categorised their products into the following Series and Groups :

Test and Measuring Instruments
Series 2853N and 3850N Calibrators
Series 38527 and 38505 Simulators
Series 18591 Test Kits (Fixed Point RTD & TC Simulators)

Process Control Instruments
Series 1510N Temperature Scanners
Series 2310N Temperature Monitors
Series 2317N Process Monitors

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