Saturday, 18 November 2017

Details about ALTOP.....

About ALTOP :
ALTOP INDUSTRIES LTD is Associate in Nursing ISO 9001:2008 certified company that believes in meeting client needs victimisation innovative and best on the market technology not to mention international standards. Established in 1981, they need fully grown become a number one supplier of top quality TEMPERATURE, PRESSURE AND standardisation INSTRUMENTS AND EQUIPMENTS for method industries in India and abroad.

ALTOP INDUSTRIES LTD has several first's to its credit :
First in India to manufacture Dry Block Temperature standardisation bathtub and Fluidised Bed Temperature bathtub and different vary of standardisation Instruments with endemic knowledge.

First in India to manufacture Mineral Insulated Cable with endemic machinery/ instrumentality and endemic SELF DEVELOPED TECHNOLOGY in Simplex/ Duplex/ triple version from sheath diameter 1mm as minimum to 20mm as most.

First in India to bring DIGITAL TEMPERATURE GAUGE (THERMOMETER) STEM/ CAPILLARY kind overcoming all existing drawback of typical stuffed system currently upgraded model with silicon chip to battery lifetime of a pair of years.

First in India to introduce endemic Digital gage DIGIBAR with accuracy of ±0.25% during a price of Mechanical Test/ Master Gauge, currently upgraded models with silicon chip with selectable unit having accuracy of ±0.15%FS and ±0.075%FS.

First in India to Introduce a DIGITAL pressure gauge with fix and selectable direct cheap price.

Services :
ALTOP INDUSTRIES LTD. undertakes complete installation services for any instrumentation and control portion of a project under construction or existing plant. Their team will review each bid package and prepare a comprehensive estimate to determine the labor hours and material costs required to complete the scope of work. Their team, then prepare a detailed proposal based upon the scope of work for submission to the customer. They will also be able to provide appropriate material and equipment information necessary to achieve the specified design criteria when required by bid specifications.

Upon award of a contract, they will appoint Project Manager with required project staff to complete the project. their Project Manager will have the authority and knowledge to perform the functions necessary for successful completion of the project, including authorization to price and accept change orders. Their Project Manager will bring the necessary support facilities and personnel as deemed by project requirements. They have work closely with customers to prepare preliminary concepts, cost estimates and schedules System and equipment selection, equipment / Instrumentation location, space constraints evaluation, design and construction scheduling, and job tracking.

Product Range :
Thermocouples, RTD's, Thermowell, Mineral Insulated Cable, Temperature Gauge, Digital Temperature, Instruments & Micro Processor based  Instruments, Temp.& Pressure Gauges, Temperature Calibrators, Pressure Gauges, Process Calibrator, RPM Calibration Test Rig

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