Wednesday, 29 November 2017

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About C & S :
C&S Electric was founded in 1966, with a dream to be a company which plays a vital role in the development of the power infrastructure of India and make the “Made in India” label respected the world over.

Today they can satisfactorily claim that they live and continue to develop this vision every day.
Over the last several years C&S has been associated with introduction of the newest technologies in the field of power management solutions in India – and it is this culture of innovation and excellence that has made them amongst the most trusted and preferred brands in their field both in India and globally. Their ability to be close to their customers and be flexible to their requirements is what has allowed them to punch above their size, despite operating in a market dominated by global giants.

C & S people are their biggest assets. Thus, it is their endeavour to create a transparent and flat environment for people to challenge perceived wisdom and take ownership of their activities. It is for this reason that teams in C&S feel empowered to stretch their boundaries and grow as individuals, while senior people from larger organisations are happy to join them and explore their untapped strengths.

C & S manufacturing plants are equipped with the best machinery, technologies and systems to rival the best facilities anywhere in the world. Their vast network of distributors and agents in India and across the globe act like their extended arms to ensure the highest level of customer satisfaction.

India is poised for significant growth and ready to carve its place in the global economic landscape – they have at C&S are well positioned to be an integral part of this journey.

Low Voltage Products and Solutions :
Circuit Breakers : Air Circuit Breakers, Moulded Case Circuit Breaker, Motor Protection Circuit Breakers.
Contractors : RobusTa Contractors & Overload Relays, Robusta2 Contactors, Mini Contactor, 2 Pole & 4 Pole Contactors, D-Range Contactors , exceeD Contactors, Capacitor Duty Contractors, Definite Purpose Contactors.
Switches : Switch Disconnectors, Switch Disconnectors Fuse, Safety Switches, By Pass Switches, On-Load By Pass Switches, Onload Changeover Switches, Offload Changeover Switches.
Motor starters : Industrial Motor starters, Anmol Motor Starter, Anmol Smart Mobile Pump Controller.
Fuses & Fuse Base : HRC Fuse, Rewirable.
Control & Signalling Devices, Industrial Plugs & Sockets.

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