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Company experience in this line is more than 42 years. They are dealing in H.T. & L.T. Polymer & Procelain Insulators, Transmission line material and sub-station equipment, overhead line Material.FRP Operating / Discharging Rod, Earthing Materials, Lightning Arrester. Fuse Elements, GI Hardware, StaySet , Rubber Hand-Gloves. Rubber Sheet, A.C.S.R. Conductor. A.A.A.C Conductor.

Atlas Air Break Switch, Drop Out Fuse, Discharging Rod And Earthing Electrod has been successfully tested at Central Power Research Institute, Bangalore, Bhopal, ERDA Baroda & NSIC Kolkata . Our switch was tested for short-circuit test and high voltage impulse test Mechanical Endurance test.
The venture is backed up by their business with Gujarat Electricity Board for last 41 years and production of Gang Operated Air Break Switch and Drop Out Fuse for last 24 years.

Manufacturing Products :
11/22/66 kV A.B Switch & Isolators
11/22/33 kV Drop Out fuse
11/22/66 kV Horn gap Fuse
Up to 400kV Operating Rod, Discharging Rod & fuse element
MS & GI Hardware Fittings
Alluminum. Brass & Copper metal parts & connectors
Polymer & Porcelain HT & LT Insulators
Earthing Electrode and Earthing material
Cable Jointing Kit & Accesories
Shock Proof Equipment & Safety Products

Facilities :
High Voltage Breakdown Transformers - Dry Power frequency high Voltage test up to 110 kv
Current Injection Kit - For Temperature rise test up to 1600 Amp. A.C.
Digital Coating Thickness Meter
Mechanical Enduranse Testing Set
High Voltage Mesurement Spheargap
Meger, Clipon Meter & Earth Tester

Product Range :
Transmission Line Material and Substation Equipment, AB Switches, DO Fuse, HG Fuse, Disconecting Switch, Isolators, Single Phase Switch, Porcelain & Polymer Insulators, Overhead Line Hardware, Lightening Arrestor, Fuse Elements, Operating Rod, Dischargeing Rod, G.I. Shackle Straps, Bolts, Spindle, Clamps & disc fittings, GI Pin, Stayset, Staywire, GI Earthwire, Turn-buckle, Earthing Material, Earthing Electrodes, Rubber handgloves, Rubber matting, AAAC & ACSR Conductor, P.G.Clamp, Sleeves, Connectors, Danger board, Cable jointing Kit, AB Cables Accessories, Clamps & Connectors, H.T. Tape Roll, Epoxy insulators etc.

Atlas Quality Endeavors :
They stand by the highest quality standards, ensuring that their customers receive premium quality products & services. To ensure established standards of quality and achieve customer satisfaction, all their operations have adopted a streamlined programme on quality control.

They endeavor to elevate their standards of product & performance so as to achieve customer satisfaction through excellence in quality. Leveraging on a well structured work process, quality is maintained at every stage of functioning.

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