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ROTEX 3/2 Direct Acting Solenoid Valve Manifold Mounted FM063

Brand : ROTEX
Model : FM063

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About Rotex :
Rotex offers a good vary of two Port solenoid Valves to suit sort of applications. These valves are often essentially classified as commonly Closed or commonly Open supported the valve condition once the solenoid is energized. additional they will be classified as Direct Acting, Diaphragm Operated, Internal / External Pilot Operated.

Vision : To be the trade leader globally

Mission :
To pursue excellence with passion
To build an extended lasting relationship with customers
To build a robust and extremely seasoned team
To engage in new development and provide innovative custom-made solutions to raised serve our customers
To cater to new industries by investment in New Business Verticals
To expand our network to supply a fast and economical native support
To build partnerships worldwide by forming and nurturing relationships with distributors.

Product range :
Fluid control system, Valve Automation System, control components, Penumatics, Valves, Automotive.

Product Descriptions :
A magnet valve is Associate in Nursing electromechanically operated valve. The valve is controlled by an electrical current through a solenoid: within the case of a two-port valve the flow is switched on or off; within the case of a three-port valve, the outflow is switched between the 2 outlet ports. Multiple solenoid valves are often placed along on a manifold.

Features :
10 mm Solenoid Valve.
Manifold mounted.
Compact design.
Solenoid continuous duty rated.
Lubrication not required.
Maximum speed 1800 cycles/ min.

Specification :
Input Voltage : 220V AC
Connection Type : SUBBASE
Temperature Range : 5 °C to 60 °C
Power Consumption : 0.65W
Pressure Range : 1 - 8 bar
Material : Techno polymer
Orifice : 0.6 mm
Media : Compressed air, 50 ┬Ám, filtered, lubricated or unlubricated
Mounting : Directly on manifold
Flow Factor (kv) : 0.21 L / min
Flow Rate (Qn) : 15 L / min
Response time - 5 bar : 10 ms or less

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