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Application of Yokogawa YTA610 Temperature Transmitter ........

Brand : Yokogawa
Model : YTA610

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About Yokogawa :
Yokogawa was based on Sept 1, 1915, and commenced out with simply four folks. They were eager young minds, and prepared to blaze a path 
on a very new frontier - the institution of Japan's mensuration business.Yokogawa could be a leading supplier of commercial Automation and check and mensuration solutions. Combining superior technology with engineering services, project management, and maintenance, Yokogawa delivers field established operational potency, safety, quality, and dependability.

Formulated in 1988, and supported Yokogawa origination principles, the Yokogawa Philosophy articulates Yokogawa's social mission and sets out the values that guide the actions of Yokogawa's folks. Governing their company activities, it aims to confirm that all of them still live up to the ideals of their founders.

Yokogawa wish to assist build their customers'dreams come back true and do everything they'll to contribute to society. this can be their unchanging identity, and it's UN agency their square measure. This shapes the actions of all Yokogawa cluster staff and ensures outstanding cooperation across all regions and business fields.

The Yokogawa complete emphasizes there responsibility to their purchasers. It reflects the trust that they need earned and therefore the satisfaction that they deliver to their purchasers and partners. The key to assembling an excellent stronger Yokogawa is for all of them within the Yokogawa cluster to square for constant things that the Yokogawa complete represents, Associate in Nursingd notice that their actions day by day have an influence on the strength of the bond that they share with their purchasers and partners.

The vision statement charts is that the course to the longer term. it's a promise to their purchasers, markets, and society - and also to themselves. By engaging in process co-innovation with its clients and society as a whole, Yokogawa creates worth for a brighter tomorrow.

Product vary :
Control System, Solution-based software system, knowledge Acquisition, Field Instruments, method Analyzers, Industrial Networking, Components, Test & Measurement, natural science, info Solutions, industrial astronautics Business, Announcements.

Description :
The YTA610 provides high accuracy, stability, and reliability. The housing structure adopts reliable dual-compartment structure. The sensor input can be choice of single or dual inputs. This input can accept the RTD, thermocouple, ohm, or DC millivolt. It converts the sensor input to a 4 to 20 mA DC analog signal or Fieldbus digital signal.

Features :
Dual-compartment field-mount housing
Choice of HART® 7, or FOUNDATION™ Fieldbus ITK 6 Protocol
Local Parameter Setting function (Indicator model)
Basic diagnosis, High reliability, Variety of sensor inputs, Digital communication, 
Local Parameter Setting, Self-diagnostics function, Dual universal inputs

Specifications :
Input Signals : Thermocouples, 2-, 3-, and 4-wire RTDs, ohms and DC millivolts. 
Output Signals : Two wire 4 to 20mA DC Type
Fieldbus communication type : Output signal based on FOUNDATION  fieldbus communication protocol.
Isolation : Input/Output/GND isolated to 500V DC. Except lightning protector option.
Sensor Burnout (HART type) : High (21.6 mA DC) or Low (3.6 mA DC), user selectable

Applications : For severe industries. Such as oil & gas/chemical/pulp & paper/food & beverage/metal & mining applications

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