Wednesday, 26 July 2017

How to Use Rexnord Panel Exhaust Fan 4 Inch ?????

Brand : Rexnord
Model : 22038 A2 M T

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About Rexnord  :
Established in 1988, Rexnord Electronics and Controls Ltd. has evolved into one of the India’s premier manufacturer’s of high quality Compact Cooling Fans and Single Phase Shaded Pole Motors.

The firm’s success can be attributes to the continuous development and testing of products, investment not only in plant and machinery but also in employees at all levels and concentration on niche markets.
For over two decades Rexnord has worked in close contact with engineers from around the world, understanding their needs and designing equipments to satisfy all their requirements.

At Rexnord they have the latest techniques and machineries to meet high production standards combined with a team of highly qualified and experienced professionals who are constantly striving for high quality products and service.
Passionately involved in R&D, Rexnord aim at constantly improving their products by taking advantage of the latest development methods and state of the art technology.

Over the years the company has developed an enviable reputation for quality and reliability. This is due to the company philosophy that all products are tested during the manufacturing stage to ensure customer delight.

Product Range :
Ac Axial Fan (Plastic Blade), Ac Axial Fan (Metal Blade), Dc Brushless Fan (Plastic Blade), Dc Brushless Fan (Metal Blade), Exhaust Fans,Large Axial Fans, Shaded Pole Motor (Q Type), Shaded Pole Motor (C Type) , EC Motor, Gear Motor, Accessories.

Description :
These are also referred to as compact fans, equipment fans and electronic cooling fans. Small general purpose fans in industry standard frame housings. Available for standard AC supplies and special low ‘safety’ voltages; normally dual 50/60Hz frequencies. These compact AC axial flow fans are available in mounting bases ranging from 80 mm to 220 mm. These fans are equipped with excellent safety features, meeting UL, CSA, CE and EN/IEC standards making them most suitable for   applications such as Control Panels, Strapping machine, Uninterrupted Power Supply, Vending Machine, Currency Counting Machines, Welding Machine etc.

Applications :Rexnord is high quality, cost effective and reliable cooling solutions designed for an extensive range of applications, including IT and Telecom, Ventilation, Refrigeration and Equipment Cooling which are renowned internationally.

Features & Specifications :
Bearings : Sleeve
Current Rating : 0.13 / 0.11A
RPM : 2650 / 2900
Connection Type : Terminal
Dimension : 120 x 120 x 38 in mm
Input Voltage : 230

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