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Application of Meanwell SMPS 24VDC 4.5A ......

Brand : Meanwell
Model :

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About Meanwell :
Founded in 1982, MEAN WELL is one of few manufacturers dedicated to standard power supply in the world. It is ranked the 5th in global power supply (DC output) makers according to a report by Micro Technology Consultant released in March 2017. Differing from the first four manufacturers’ ODM/OEM oriented business model, almost 99% sales turnovers by MEAN WELL comes from standard power supply products sold under the own brand name.

MEAN WELL has been working with customers, suppliers, contractors, and employees with long lasting mutual trust relations based on the spirit of “good intention” and orientation of “reliable partner”. Thanks to robust partnership with 200 strong authorized distributors around the world, MEAN WELL has been growing and getting stronger for three decades. With 2500 employees located at its global headquarters in New Taipei Industrial Park, Taiwan, branches and sales offices at Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Suzhou in China, California USA, and Netherlands in the EU, four advanced production bases in New Taipei City (Taiwan) and Tianhe District and Huadu District in Guangzhou, Suzhou City in China, it generates a combined revenue of USD 783 million (TWD 25 billion) in 2016.

The computer system implemented as early as 1991 was designed and developed by the IT center of MEAN WELL according to its own needs. With a comprehensive ERP system integrated with distributor network, supplier network, contractors, and employees and the system met the needs of each of them. It integrates global resources and improves operation efficiency and service quality effectively.

Mission :
The endless pursuit of innovation and improvement.
Providing the best cost/ performance ratio of standard power supplies (PQC) and services (DSR)
To maximize the benefit for our customers, employees, partners and the society.

Vision :
Being the leading brand of standard power supply manufacturer, to build a “Efficient and Sustainable Enterprise with Well Balanced Management and Partnerships” 

Product Range :

All type of SMPS like Enclosed, DIN Rail, Open Freme, Specific Purpose, PV Power, Rack Power, Moduler, LED Driver, LED Accessory, Adopter, Charger, and Accessory for SMPS.

Description :

Switched-mode power supplies have applications in various areas. A switched-mode supply is chosen for an application when its weight, efficiency, size, or wide input range tolerance make it preferable to linear power supplies. Initially the cost of semiconductors made switch-mode supplies a premium cost alternative, but current production switch-mode supplies are nearly always lower in cost than the equivalent linear power supply.

Applications :
SMPS finds many applications in Personal Computers, Bettery Charger, Centerl Power Distribution, Vehicles, Lighting, Space station.

Features  :
Economical non-PFC models
Miniature size with complete protections
Economical models with complete safety certificates

Specifications :
Output : 24V DC, 4.5A (Current Range : 0 - 4.5A)
Input Current : 2A /115V AC,1.2 A / 230V AC
Input Voltage : 85 - 132V AC, 176 - 264V AC, 248-373V DC, 47-63Hz
Temperature Range : 20 to 60*C

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