Thursday, 22 June 2017

How to use Akari Filter Regulator 1" AW5000-10 ?????

Brand  : Akari
Model : AW5000-10

About Akari Pneumatics :
Akari would like to introduce themselves as a dealer of Pneumatics Products for last 25 years and have luanched imported Pneumatics Products since last three years. They have a full stock of Directional Control Valves, Diaphragm Valves, Pilot and Direct Acting Solenoid Valves, Manual, Mechanical and Automatic Valves, Auto Drain Valve, High Pressure Filter & Regulator, Air Treatment Units, Push-inTube Fittings, Silencers, Air guns, Brass One Touch Couplers, Hose Reel, Spring Balancers etc. to meet and satisfy every customer needs. All the products, they import are manufactured by the Companies who possess ISO 9001-2000 International Quality System Attestation. Techno Pneumatics is in coordination with these companies, who use their technological strength and rich professional experiences and launch latest products.

Product Range :
Solenoid Valves
Filter regulator of Lubricator
Pneumatic Operational Valves
Pneumatic Cylinders
Ball Valves
Quick Release Coupling & Airgun
Pneumatic Tools
Pu tube & Pneumatics Fitting
Miscellaneous Items

Product Descriptions :
Air leaving a compressor is hot, dirty, and wet—which can damage and shorten the life of downstream equipment, such as valves and cylinders. Before air can be used it needs to be filtered, regulated and lubricated.An air line filter cleans compressed air. It strains the air and traps solid particles (dust, dirt, rust) and separates liquids (water, oil) entrained in the compressed air. Filters are installed in the air line upstream of regulators, lubricators, directional control valves, and air driven devices such as cylinders and air motors.

Specifications :
Type : AW Series
Size : 1 Inch

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