Tuesday, 27 June 2017

Application of PetNest V-shaped Open nesting Platform for Garden birds 5x7x6 Inch ...

Brand  : Pet Nest
Model : PNVSOP001

 A Natural look to attrect bird. A birdhouse or nest box is an artificial nest for birds.

Descriptions :
Material : Wood
Clean it gently
Easy to Install
The bird's might take few days to few months to use the nest box as it's a natural process and depends upon the presence of birds in your locality.The bird nest box is not a magnet which will attract birds from far and wide hence one need to have patience. Do not change the place frequently and install it within climbers or shrubbery on a wall or on tree.

Specifications :
Material : Wood
Delivery Period : 6 to 7 working days
Courier Charge : 50
Warranty     : Not applicable

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