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How to use Kusam Meco TRMS Clampmeter 2781?????

Brand  :  Kusam Meco
Model : 2781

About Kusam Meco :
In the eighties, use of Digital Test & measuring Instruments were in a nascent stage. At that time 90 % of the multi meters & clamometers used in the industry were Analog meters.

Kusam-Meco introduced & Pioneered the use of Digital Multimeters & clampmeters in the Indian industry. Kusam-Meco continues to introduce new products with unique features & protection to meet current market demand & safety to cater customers diverse applications. The promoters of the company have thire 40 years of experience in the field         

Kusam-Meco has a proven track record of offering products that have surpassed industry standard certification such as UL,CE, ISO 9001:2008. Quality Assurance certification. their quality, Reproduction, Service & Credibility has endowed on their the praise of their peers in the Test & Measuring Instrument Industry. The company has testing facilities traceable to NPL standards to provide good quality instruments to the customers.

Kusam Meco's commitment to their customers is their priority which is backed by a network of dealers & distributors to provide prompt service to that customers which
reflect this commitment.

Kusam Meco is ISO 9001:2008 certified since March 2005, for sales & Service of their product range. their products are patronized by all government Laboratories, different segments of the industry, Engineering colleges, Research laboratories.

They are dedicated to provide the most advanced control & instrumentation products in the world. Today, Kusam-Meco has a unique position in India as the leading company in the field of measurement & control. They anticipate the needs of the times & provide the best solutions to their customers.

Product Range :
Measuring Instruments, Power Clamp Meters, Thermo Hygrometers, Earth Resistance Testers, Insulation Resistance Testers, Digital Multi Meters, Milli Ohm Meter, Digital Clamp Meters, Tachometer,ELCB Testers, Laboratory Instruments, Oscilloscopes, Gas Analysers Calibrator, Lux meters, Banking Solutions, LCR Meters

Product Description :
In electrical and electronic engineering, a current clamp or current probe is an electrical device having jaws which open to allow clamping around an electrical conductor. This allows measurement of the current in a conductor without the need to make physical contact with it, or to disconnect it for insertion through the probe. Current clamps are typically used to read the magnitude of alternating current (AC) and, with additional instrumentation, the phase and waveform can also be measured. Some clamps meters can measure currents of 1000 A and more. Hall effect and vane type clamps can also measure direct current (DC).

Features :
↠ Overload protection on all ranges.
↠ Maximum Voltage between any terminal and earth ground 600V rms
↠ Dual slope integration
↠ Data-hold facility
↠ DCA zero button for accurate reading
↠ Low battery indication
↠ Auto power off

General Specification:
Sensing : Average sensing (Model 2781) True RMS sensing (Model 2781-T)
Jaw opening size : 40mm
Display : 3 ¾ digit 3999 counts liquid crystal LCD display.
Over range indication : Display of “OL” on LCD at the highest position means range selection too low for the input. (Except for ranges of 1000A AC, & 600V AC / DC)
Polarity : Symbol “-” automatic displayed for negative input.
Sampling rate : 3 times per second (Digital display)
Auto power off : The meter is automatically powered off after idling for 15 minutes. To awake the meter, turn the rotary function switch or push any button.
Operating Temperature & Humidity : 0°C to 40°C; < 80% R.H. Non-condensing
Low battery : The symbol “ ” is displayed when the batteries are weak and below the operating Voltage. Replace batteries immediately.
Battery life : Approx. 60 hrs continuously use with alkaline batteries
Power supply : 1.5V AAA x 2
Dimension : 228(L) x 76(W) x 39(H) mm
Weight : approx. 465gms. (Including batteries)

Accessories :
Test leads (pair)
Battery installed
User’s manual
K-Type Thermocouple(model 2781-T)
Carrying case.

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