Tuesday, 7 March 2017

SELEC Digital Timer XT532

Brand : Selec
Model : XT532

About Selec :
Core Expertise :  * R&D Centre recognized by DSIR (Government of India) * End to End design Capability.
    -Hardware Desing
    -Embedded application development
    -PC & web based software development
    -Mould design of plastic parts and moulding
* Team of engineers dedicated to product innovation * Well equipped laboratory, with EMC test facilities
Manufacturing : * Automated SMT assembly lines. * Automated test setups. * Tool room for maintenance. * In house injection moulding facility. * Laser & Pad Printing Facility.
Sales Network : * Over 200 distributors in India * Sales subsidiaries in USA & Germany. * Global Channel partners, spread over 72 countries

Product Range : Timers, Counters, Electrical Panel Meters, PLC with HMI, Protection Relays, APFC, Temperature Controllers/Indicators etc... 

The Selec XT532 is a 2 digit multifunction LED digital timer and a multi-time range digital timer with push buttons suitable for controlling operation of equipment, machinery, systems or processes in a wide range of industrial applications. Four timing functions can be selected together with time ranges from 9.9, 99sec, 9.9, 99min, 9.9, 99 hr and operates on different modes like Multifunction: On delay, Interval, Cyclic ON first, Cyclic OFF first with optional 10 years memory retention, to operate two independent relay output contacts which are isolated from the supply voltage. The output contacts can be configured as two timed outputs, or one timed and one instantaneous output. These timers are housed in a compact panel mounting enclosure and are powered from 85 to 270Vac/dc.

Single setpoint
Multifunction: 1) On delay 2) Interval 3) Cyclic -on first 4) Cyclic -off First (user selectable)
Start input
Easy time setting
Down counting

Output Contact : DPDT (2 C/O)
Reset : Front, Remote, Power Interruption
Range : 9.9/99sec/9.9/99min/9.9/99hr
Counting Direction : Down
Supply Voltage : 85-270V AC/DC
Operating Modes : ON Delay, Interval OFF,  Cyclic (ON first),  Cyclic (Off first)
Size : 48mm x 48mm
Mounting Type : Panel mount

For more information, please visit our website : www.autocon.biz


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