Friday, 31 March 2017

EAPL Energy Meter EMS-10

Brand : EAPL
Model : EMS-10

About EAPL :   EAPL happen to be the most sought after brand amongst the varied choices available in automation market over the years they made change a milestone to be achieved in every aspect of our automated world. In a world where automation and innovation go hand in hand .EAPL make sure that they periodically improvise their products so that their clients receive the best.
EAPL journey to success has come with features on their cap...
ISO 9001 standards,UL(US) certification & National award for the outstanding manufacturer has been achieved after covering the whole country and EAPL presence was felt in the global market EAPL sets its standard much higher than merely targeting at its sales figures. They strive to deliver quality products on time and give life long services.
EAPL company utilizes an array of tool centers for quality control such as Government approved design house and software centers.Automated testing rules out the possibilities of man made errors in calibration and measurement.

EAPL Products : Programmable Fault Annunciator, Tachometer, Energy Management System Digital Temperature Controllers, Electronic Timers Time Switches, Monitoring and Motor Protection Devices, Power Supply Modules, Preset Counters Hour Meter

Product Description : 
Features :
Microcontroller based multifunction A/C Energy Meter.
Accuracy Class1.0 / (Class 0.5 calibration on Request).
CT Pri/Sec Programmable, Digital Measurement, IEC Compliance.
RS 485 port available, Flush / Panel Mounting, 96 x 96 mm DIN Mounting, Auto Scroll / Hold Facility.
Internal Resettable fuse for protection of device against voltage fluctuations.
Digital display will blink whenever voltage exceeds specified voltage range.
Switch off the unit for sometime & then switch on when voltage returns to normal.
Protection from dust and water as per IP-51.

Application : Sub metering panels, Distribution Panels, HT/ LT panels, DG panels etc.

Specification :
Input Voltage : 85 - 270V AC/DC
Accuracy : Class1.0 / (Class 0.5 calibration on Request).

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