Thursday, 6 October 2016

MOXA NPort 5130 Serial Device Server

Brand : Moxa 
Model : NPort 5130

Features and Benefits
Small size for easy installation
Real COM/TTY drivers for Windows and Linux
Standard TCP/IP interface and versatile operation modes
Easy-to-use Windows utility for configuring multiple device servers
Built-in 15 kV ESD protection for all serial signals
SNMP MIB-II for network management
Configure by Telnet, web browser, or Windows utility
Adjustable pull high/low resistor for RS-485 ports

NPort 5100 series device servers are designed to make serial devices network-ready in an instant. The small size of the servers makes them ideal for connecting devices such as card readers and payment terminals to an IP-based Ethernet LAN. Use the NPort 5100 series device servers to give your PC software direct access to serial devices from anywhere on the network.

Easy to Troubleshoot
NPort® 5100 device servers support SNMP, which can be used to monitor all units over Ethernet. Each unit can be configured to send trap messages automatically to the SNMP manager when user-defined errors are encountered. For users who do not use SNMP manager, an e-mail alert can be sent instead. Users can define the trigger for the alerts using Moxa’s Windows utility, or the web console. For example, alerts can be triggered by a warm start, a cold start, or a change in password.

Specifications :
Input Voltage : 12 to 48V DC
Power Consumption : 200mA @ 12V, 106mA @ 24V
Connector : 8-Pin RJ-45
Speed : 10/100 Mbps, auto MDI/MDIX
Serial Line Protection : 15kV ESD protection for all signals
Network Protocols : ICMP, IpV4, TCP, UDP, DHCP, BOOTP, Telnet, DNS, SNMP V1, HTTP, SMTP
Flow Rate : RTS/CTS and DTR/DSR (RS-232 only), XON/XOFF
Baud Rate : 50 bps to 921.6 kbps 

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