Wednesday, 7 September 2016

Unitech Multifunction Meter PMF5331

Brand : Unitech
Model : PMF5331

Features & Specifications :

Simultaneous display of three instantaneous parameters grouped page wise.
kWh displayed in 10 digit format.
Run hour displayed in 8 digit hour and minutes format.
Accuracy: Class 1. Frequency measurement at class 0.2. A, V measurements at class 0.5.  CT primary range1A to 9999A programmable.
CT secondary range 0.5A to 5A programmable. PT programmable.
Metering Standard: IEC 62053-21/22.
Voltage(Line to Line) Voltage(Line to Neutral), Current, Frequency, Power Factor(PF), kW, kVA, kWh, RPM, Run hour, Load hour
Material : ABS
Size : 96mm X 96mm 

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