Thursday, 29 September 2016

Smartlight Flat Cabinet Light 3W SL602

Brand : Smartlight
Model : SL602

Features :
Flat Cabinet Light SL 602, 3W Without Driver 
Adjustable Color Temperature, Better Illumination Capacity, Comfortable at Low TemperatureDimmability and Controlability, Durability, Environment Friendly, Long Operating Life, Lower Maintenance and Life-Cycle Costs
Minimal Light Loss, No Detrimental Effect on sensitive goods, No Ultra-violet and infrared radiation, Replacement to ordinary Light Bulb and CFL
Simple Installation Smaller Package Size, Source of Future Lighting

Length  :  300 mm
Input Power  :  3 W
Input Voltage  :  12V DC
Color Temperature  :  6000 K
Lumens  :  250 lm 

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