Thursday, 29 September 2016

Smartlight Diffused LED Light SL1173

Brand : Smartlight
Model : SL1173

Features & Benefits :
Diffused LED Light ,Samsung LED IP 44, Dimmable Light
Adjustable Color Temperature, Better Illumination Capacity, Comfortable at Low TemperatureDimmability and Controlability, Durability, Environment Friendly, Long Operating Life, Lower Maintenance and Life-Cycle Costs
Minimal Light Loss, No Detrimental Effect on sensitive goods, No Ultra-violet and infrared radiation, Replacement to ordinary Light Bulb and CFL
Simple Installation Smaller Package Size, Source of Future Lighting
Size : 233 mm * 88 mm
Diameter : 205 mm
Colour Temperature : 4000K
Lumens : 3000 lm
Beam Angle : 90*
Output Power : 38 W

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