Sunday, 25 September 2016

Kusum Meco Phase Sequence Meter KM 981-MK-1

Brand : Kusum Meco
Model : KM-981-MK-1

Description : It is used to measure the Phase sequence (R,Y,B) & Open phase Condition through LED and Buzzer.
Operational Voltage : 60 ~ 600V (3 phase AC) (KM-981-MK-1); 200V ~ 600V AC (KM 855 PR)
Dielectric Strength : 2000V / minute (impulse Voltage 4000V) (Model KM-981-MK-1)
Measuring frequency range : 20Hz ~ 400Hz (KM-981-MK-1); 50Hz ~ 60Hz (KM 855 PR)
Time limit for continuous measurement : 60 min. at 200V AC, 4 min. at 600V AC(KM-981-MK-1)
Cord : 1.1m each of Red (R), White (S) & Black (T) cord.( KM 855 PR)
Storage Temperature : -20°C ~ 60°C at 90% Max. R.H.( KM 855 PR)
Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ 40°C at 80% Max. R.H.( KM 855 PR)
Accessories : Test leads with Pin Terminal & separate Insulated Crocodile clips
Operating Temperature : -10°C ~ 40°C at 80% Max. R.H. 

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