Monday, 5 September 2016

Kusum Meco Digital Vibration Meter KM 63

Brand : Kusum Meco
Model : KM 63

It’s a hand held, pocket vibration meter, used for measuring vibration acceleration, speed and displacement of rotating machine.

* To check motors pumps heavy machinery etc.
* To check bearing condition
* To check the Lubrication machinery
* To check Contamination
* To check misalignment
* To check for looseness in Motors
* To check for in balance in machinery

Specifications :
Vibration Displacement (P-P) : 0-1999 μm
Vibration Speed (RMS) : 0-199.9 mm/s
Vibration Acceleration (O-P) : 0-199 m/S2
Battery : 9V (6F22)
Operating Temperature : 0-40*C
Data Hold Time : The measuring data can hold for 1 minute when you loosen the test key.

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