Sunday, 25 September 2016

Kusum Meco AC Clampmeter 2718

Brand : Kusum Meco
Model : 2718

Nearly every electrical engineer has a hand held digital clamp meter (Tongtester). We
sometimes take them for granted, until we damage them or “burn them out”. If you incorrectly connect your clamp meter to a circuit, or if you have the clamp meter or wrong setting, you damage the meter and possibly hurt yourself. You can also get
into trouble if you try to measure the voltage across a changed capacitor.
Clamp meter users frequently burn their meters by trying to measure current the same way as they measure voltage. Remember, you measure voltage across a circuit, and current through a circuit. When you use the current input, your clamp meter becomes a low impedance circuit element. Even if you correctly insert your clamp meter in
to the circuit, you can still damage you meter. Don’t try to measure current in excess of your meter’s capacity. Check the current capacity of the Clamp meter.
If you are measuring current in industrial environment to prevent excess disconnect your
test leads from the circuit under test whenever you change Clamp meter functions. Set your meter to the correct function, say current, and its highest range for the setting. If the reading is small, change the range to the next lower range till the reading can
be read with the best possible accuracy. When measuring voltage, connect the test leads before your apply power to your circuit. To be safe, start by setting your meter to its highest range first.

Features & Specifications :

* Conductor size is 26 mm.
* 3 1/2 Digits LCD (1999 counts)
* Auto Polarity Display
* Measurement speed is 3 times/second
* Data Hold, Max Hold facility
* IEC 61010 CAT II 600V, CAT III 300V over voltage and double insulation standard approved
* Low Battery Indication.
* Power : 2 x 1.5 V battery (AAA).
* Accessories : Carrying case, Batteries installed, Temp. Probe, Drop Proof wrist strap,  Manual, Test Leads.

* Battery Type : 2 x 1.5 V battery (AAA)
* Display : 3/12 digits LCD display, Maximum display 1999 
* Max. Jaw Size : 28mm diameter

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