Thursday, 29 September 2016

G-TEK Scanner 32-Channel SC-5-32CH

Brand : Vigor Electrical Corporation
Model : SC-5-32CH

The series SC5x / 9x of data logger is all new and revised scanner / data loggers. They incorporate the state of the art 4x20 characters backlit LCD display with white over blue characters to make it visible from the distance.
It is a high speed data acquisition system with high resolution and accuracy.
This dataloggers along with AqWire series of Software makes a complete solution for 21CFR Part 11 compliance. User defined Password protected menus does not allow any unauthorised changes either from PC or from key-board. Every changes are reported either online or in offline mode.
It has a built-in nonvolatile memory of upto 2MB.
The online printing and storing is possible from 5 seconds up to 18 hours.
These series has an added feature of high and low alarm per channel with an up to eight alarm groups. It has a facility to assign any alarm to any group.
It has an option of communication like RS232C, RS485 or USB. It also supports MODBUS ASCII protocol.

Features :
No. of Alarms : Up to 2 per channel
Alarm Type : One high & One low
Relay Output : Maximum 32
Connection : RS232 / RS485 – 4 wire / USB
Functions : Totalizers, square root extractors, user-specified calibration curves / other customized math functions.

Specifications : 
Input Type : mA, mV, V, Thermocouple Types: TC-J, K, R, S, T
Input Voltage : 90-265 V AC 50-60 Hz
Display : 4x20 characters backlit LCD with white over blue characters.
Power Consumption : <20V

Applications : Pharmaceuticals: Autoclaves, DHS (Dry Heat Stabilizer), DM water plants, cold rooms, Textile and Dye Processes, Water and Waste Water Treatment, Drug storage rooms, cold rooms, stability chambers, Tire and Rubber Processing, Dairy Pasteurization Plants, Low / Ultra-low temperature, HVAC Applications, Breweries, distilleries, and sugar processing, Cold storages, beverage / food processing, Humidity Chambers / ovens

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