Friday, 23 September 2016

Autonics Digital Counter/Timer CT6

Brand : Autonics
Model : CT6

Counters & timers are the basic tools widely used in automation process of various industries. Autonics offers the wide range of industrial counters and timers, designed, manufactured and tested to meet the most demanding worldwide standards and ratings. They also offer reliable design, quick replacements, panel space-saving and solutions that offer increased functionality, flexibility and performance.

New CT series adopts RS 485 communication function so that each parameter setting and monitoring can be available from PC. In addition, it allows up to 6 digit prescale setting possible to provide user convenience. Increased contact capacity of load to 5A and new design nameplate are another features of NEW CT series.

Specifications :
No. Of Digits / Alpha              : 6
Supply Voltage Range              : 100VAC To 240VAC   
Power Consumption                : 6VA
Counting Speed                      : 10kHz   
Operating Temperature Range  : -10°C To +55°C

Size                                       : 48mm*48mm
Input Voltage                          : 230V AC 

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