Wednesday, 6 December 2017

Fuji Company Details ........

About Fuji :
Fuji Electric India was established as a sales & marketing subsidiary, in 2009 at Mumbai. Today, FEI with its presence in 10 sales offices & 8 home offices serve the industrial & solution needs of their industrial customers.These offices are duly backed by Sales, Service & Application Engineers serving the users with wide array of products & solution from the family of Drives, Motion Controllers, PLCs, Servos, HMI’s, Process Controllers, Semiconductors, Field Instruments, Analytical Instruments & Condition Monitoring products / solution.FE is heightening the manufacturing capabilities by stepping up efforts for on-site capabilities, manufacturing technologies and human resource development.
Three Pillars of Enhancing the Manufacturing Prowess are on site Capabilities, Manufacturing Technology, Human Resource.

At Fuji electric, their philosophy is to satisfy customers to the best of their ability by providing them with creative and competitive solutions and services that live up to and even exceed their expectations. They emphasize on research and development to accelerate the development of new processes and products, and are committed to manage this development in a transparent way.

They strive to reduce the environmental impact of their products during their manufacture, installation and operation by producing high quality products while keeping the environmental footprint of these products as negligible as possible. We strongly believe that change and progress that ignores the welfare of the human race is meaningless.

Through their pursuit of innovation in Electric and Thermal Energy Technology, they develop products that maximize energy efficiency and lead to a responsible and sustainable society.

Business Portfolio :
With Electric and Thermal Energy Technology as Core Technologies, Fuji Electric contributes to the creation of responsible and sustainable societies through its business portfolios : Power and Social Infrastructure, Industrial Infrastructure, Power Electronics, Electronic Devices.

Company Mission :
Contribute to prosperity
Encourage Creativity
Seek harmony with the environment

Management Policies :
Creating responsible & sustainable society through energy technology.
Achieve further growth through global business expansion.
Maximize their strengths & respect employees diverse ambition.

Services :
Repair & Retrofit
AMC services & Lifecycle extension
Start up Services
Field Services
Training Services
Project Engineering & Commissioning
Assest Management

Product Range :
AC Drive & Motion, Instrumentation & Automation, Semiconductor, Condition Monitoring System, Electrical Distribution & Industrial Control.

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