Friday, 1 December 2017

Details About Crompton Greaves ......

About Crompton Greaves :
Crompton Greaves Consumer Electricals Ltd. manufactures and markets a wide spectrum of consumer products ranging from fans, light sources and luminaires, pumps and household appliances, such as geysers, mixer grinders, toasters and irons. Crompton has been the market leader in fans, domestic pumps and street lighting for over 20 years. It has manufacturing locations in Goa, Vadodara, Ahmednagar and Baddi. Crompton products are available in nearly 150,000 retail points across the country. The business is rapidly expanding into new categories and expanding it's "Reach".

The Crompton Consumer business has been the best performing business in the industry growing nearly @ 16% percent CAGR over the past 5 years. Crompton customer service is the benchmark in the industry as is the product quality. The CFL lamps have the lowest defects in the lighting industry.

Crompton's portfolio of energy-efficient products include 5 star rated durable light, fans, pumps and appliances for home and offices. It has the largest number of '5-Star' rated energy efficient products. It was the first company to cross sales of a million fans in 1989 and last year the sales crossed 10 million fans, the largest in the world.

It is continually introducing smarter products like super efficient LED bulbs, water heaters with the lowest standing costs and patented tank designs made from nano-tech based materials. Crompton pumps are the preferred way to fill overhead water tanks in millions of homes. NEOLA is India's first microchip controlled mixer-grinder. Amongst other initiatives, Crompton is building "Brand " stores in India to give consumers a more enjoyable shopping experience and create awareness of the wide range of its products.

Why Crompton?
Because for more than a century Crompton has been setting the standard for Product quality, reliability and performance. And today they are about a lot more than tradition. Consumer Products designs that combine form and function like never before. Consumer Products that produce wow response whenever customer enter a room. Products that express customer personality, that reflect customer lifestyle. Products that help customer get the most out of their cooking, pumping, heating and cooling investments.Meticulously engineered, hand crafted and built to last. Their commitment to Customer to provide the best styles and the highest industry quality in Consumer Products and accessories.

Consumer Products- Designed with Customer in Mind
Quiet for Life
Every Crompton Consumer Product has been painstakingly designed and crafted to be more than just beautiful, more than just another product. It's why their customers have come to demand Crompton performance time and time again.

Product Range :
Air Purifiers, Fans, Lighting, Home Appliances, Pumps, Motors, Indstrial/Consumer Soutions etc..

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