Monday, 13 November 2017

Junior Scientist Solar System Motorised (Study Project)

Brand : Junior scientist
Model : AST 016

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About Junior scientist :
Junior scientist, area unit targeted on the content of Science and Technology and educating student faculties} & colleges through their Education Hobby Kits, aeroplane Kit, Rc aeroplane Kit. they're most trusty and reliable manufacturer, bourgeois and provider of the market, WHO area unit operating with solely saying to push education with fun. their kits supply balance mixture of totally different branches to science and technology. it's being acclaimed in education establishment for its innovative education technique, fun to find out, theory and sensible data at a similar time, etc. additionally to the present, they conjointly give complete gamut of comes, models and reports to the scholar textile to their needs.

Their range is praised among professionals conjointly, WHO refer it to supply right data to the scholars. The Project steering Services offered by them assists in choosing right project, give unassembled kits and data connected with the comes and ultimately facilitate students in implementing the project and obtaining true expertise. Further, before delivering their merchandise to client premises, its quality is strictly tested by team of quality inspectors. Their intellectual professionals perpetually work towards developing new content repository.

Junior scientist company believes in educating each institution with innovative range of academic Hobby Kits. The content written within the kit is correctly proof scan by renowned professionals, WHO hold wealthy expertise in Science and Technology. Their vary will certainly enhance the training expertise of diverse students creating them tuned in to each branch of Science.

Company Mission :
Keeping pace with the days by manufacturing comes on newly-emerging subjects that area unit arising from the dynamic developments happening round the world.
Producing in massive volumes so as to scale down production prices, and thereby pass away the advantages of low value to users, creating the science comes cheap for all.
Producing mass-appeal general science to surpass in content and quality to meet the aspirations and expectations of amateur by line of work to each age bracket and section of society.

Product vary :
Airplane Kit, Rc airplane Kit, Basic Physics, Basic Biology, Basic Chemistry, mathematics, Multi Activity Kit, Puzzle Games, Electronic, Diploma/ Degree projects, Human Anatomy, torso Models, Anatomical Models, Robotics, Helicopter, Geographical apparatus, Aero Modeling, Telescope & Binocular, quality control.

Description :
Explore the universe with astronomy
Age Group : 8 Years to 11 Years
Battery Included : NO
Content : Model Structure of Solar System
Features : Learn about planets, stars, moons, galaxies, asteroids, comets, telescopes and all kinds of astronomical objects
Ideal For : School Children from Standard IV to IX

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