Friday, 13 October 2017

Details About Crompton 10HP 4Pole Foot Mounted Induction Motor ....

Brand : Crompton
Model : GD/ND132M-4P-10HP

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About Crompton :
As one of the world`s leading engineering companies, CG provides end-to-end solutions, serving to its customers use power effectively and increase industrial productivity with property. CG was established in 1937 in India; and since then the corporate has been a pioneer and has preserved its leadership position within the management and application of power.

Since 2005, CG has embarked upon AN formidable economic process strategy, growing each organically and inorganically, drawing into its fold
leading international corporations like Pauwels, Ganz, Microsol, Sonomatra, MSE and PTS. sequent to the current globalization, CG currently enjoys manufacturing bases in Kingdom of Belgium, Hungary, Indonesia, Ireland, France, UK and US, additionally to quite twenty producing locations in India, using quite 8000 workers worldwide with various nationalities and cultures. A worldwide selling network of quite one hundred fifty representatives spans the world, giving the whole vary of CG’s product, solutions and services.CG has been sharply investment in R&D, product certifications, product quality, productivity sweetening and operational excellence.

CG`s international R&D centre, situated in Republic of India, has been recognised for its innovation and received the prestigious "National Award for the Best R&D Efforts" for its outstanding achievements within the technology Sector in 2008. CG`s R&D strategy aligns with the
Company`s international Vision, and focuses on making platform technologies, shrinking development cycle time and enhancing CG’s Intellectual Property capital.

To unify their international focus, all CG facilities across the globe have taken actions to make sure that customers receive consistent "One World Quality", for all CG product and solutions altogether components of the globe.

Product vary :
CG distinctive and various portfolio ranges from transformers, switchgear, circuit breakers, network protection & management gear, project
engineering, HT and LT motors, drives, Power Automation product and law officer solutions altogether these areas; so enhancing the various aspects of industrial and private life. This portfolio has been structured into two SBUs - Power Systems and Industrial Systems.

Features :
Totally enclosed Fan cooled Squirrel Cage Induction Motor - Foot Mounted
Enclosure confirming to protection IP 55 Horizontal Foot Mounted (B3),continuously rated (S1)
suitable for operation on 415+/- 10% V,3 Phase 50Hz+/- 5% AC supply with ambient 50ÂșC,
Class "F" insulation with temperature rise limited to Class "B" and altitude less than 1000 m above m.s.l.
conforming to IS 325.

Specifications :
Output : 7.50kW / 10HP
Frame : GD/ND132M
Pole : 04 POLE
RPM : 1500 RPM

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