Wednesday, 18 October 2017

Application of Keprej Servo Voltage Corrector Single Phase 1kVA ......

Brand : Keprej
Model : KEP-1KVA-230V

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Introduction : 
Voltage Fluctuation have become a serious matter of concern to all the consumers using sensitive electrical & electronics equipments.
Due to overlooking of this factor can cause total failure or malfunctioning of the costly equipments.
This may lead to huge maintenance cost of wrong results. 
KEPREJ Servo voltage corrector is a latest generation of its sort where all the major design features are incorporated to make it reliable even unde advance conditions.
ISO 9001 Certified

Application :
Computers, Scientific (Lab.) Eqipments, Zerox Machines, CNC Machines, A.C. Plants/Lifts, Elecro-Medical Eqipments, Printing Presses, Communication Eqipments, Office Eqipments, Plastic Molding Machinery, Wire Cut Machine, Industrial Machines, Water Jet Machines etc.

Features :
Ic Conrolled Plug In Card.
Easy Maintainance & Operetion.
Output Adjustable By 5% External.
No Wave From Distortion.
Smooth Variation Of Output Voltage.
High Correction Speed.
Voltage Regulation Within +-2% (+-1% Option).
Low, High, On, Input Indiction.
Exceptionaly Silent Operation.

Specification :
Type : Indoor / Natural Air Cool
Capacity : 1kVA
Input Voltage : 170V to 270V AC, 50Hz
Output Voltage : 220V +- 1%

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